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Extracting the greatest value from critical infrastructures

Case Study

How an electric utility optimized their entire energy transmission system processes and unlocked trapped value. More about this case study

Challenges for Energy & Utilities Companies

The energy and utility sector is challenged to maintain essential public services in the context of increasingly heavy regulations, a generational shift in human resource capacity, budgetary and tariff restrictions, and a wall of network investment. To achieve both operational efficiency in the short-term and ensure the capacity to deliver services effectively on a modern network in the long-term, leading energy and utility actors demand technologies that help them master cascading effects, optimize tactical and strategic plans, and make credible, justifiable tarif cases to industry regulators.

Our solutions for the Energy & Utilities Industry

Asset Business Plan

Cosmo Tech Asset enables asset managers to build an optimal, integrated investment plan while justifying its deliverability in full transparency. Connect organizational silos and reach collective decision-making.

Asset Maintenance Performance

Optimize the performance of your maintenance activities. Challenge existing maintenance policies, test alternative strategies under operational constraints and reach unified O&M planning in an integrated framework.


Cosmo Tech Plan enables project managers and planners to meet planning deadlines and comply with costs for on-site plant projects involving multiple resources and operational constraints.

Benefits for the Energy & Utilities Industry

  • Build a strategic plan Predict the outcome of an OPEX/CAPEX trade-off decision and prescribe an optimal investment plan.
  • Asset Optimization Determine the optimal asset lifecycle management scheme, considering condition uncertainty, heterogeneous aging, and performance. Ensure a robust future for your critical infrastructure.
  • Match operational strategies to business objectives Align organizational objectives with asset management strategies, plans and activities across the whole life cycle of assets as defined by the ISO 55000 standard.
  • Increase revenues & profitability Break organizational silos, improve overall efficiency of asset management processes and systems.
  • Optimize use of constrained resources Leverage prescriptive automation to maximize efficiency. Uncover new optimizations under already tight operating conditions. Understand which resources can be altered for maximum ROI.
  • Maximize return on investment Balance costs, risk and performance over the lifecycle of an asset and maximize its performance and value.

Case Studies

Asset investment

Optimize Your Strategic Plan

How an electric utility delivered an optimized, transparent, and justifiable strategic business plan to align internal and external stakeholders and win their tariff case.

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Build Realistic and Resilient Planning

How a nuclear power plant mastered 10,000 tasks, reduced costs and built a planning with confidence.

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Optimized Maintenance Policies

How an electricity transmission system operator optimized maintenance policies to lower OPEX and CAPEX and elevate service quality.

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