Cosmo Tech

Leverage the power of AI Simulation for your Supply Chain Planning software

Flexibility and ease of use in integrating with Kinaxis, Blue Yonder, OMP and SAP IBP

The Cosmo Tech AI-Simulation Platform integrates with external supply chain data, business applications, and operational systems for intelligent decision-making. With several pre-built connectors and customizable templates, the APS Connector Library seamlessly integrates with popular supply chain planning solutions such as Kinaxis, Blue Yonder, OMP and SAP IBP. This allows decision makers to leverage advanced AI-Simulation experiments’ capabilities that consider uncertainties, constraints and complex trade-offs, enhancing visibility and efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Extend supply chain software capabilities

Data silos stand in the way of any meaningful business insights, limiting the visibility needed for critical business decisions. The integration of AI-Simulation technology on top of existing supply chain planning solutions provides an accurate and holistic  view into inventory levels, supplier performances, production resources and processes. It offers the flexibility to adapt to changes in market dynamics  and supply chain disruptions while minimizing risks and identifying the best course of action.

  • Eliminate data silos across the organization 
  • Improve data quality and result accuracy
  • Extend the scope of analysis for a comprehensive approach to decision making. 

Build integrations the way you want it

While there are several pre-built connectors available, users can also leverage custom function-based connectors that give freedom to support tailored scenarios, thus ensuring ongoing data compatibility and adaptability. 

  • Align data and information with tailored requirements, workflows and processes 
  • Extend functionalities of both AI Simulation and APS software 
  • Ensure scalability to accommodate evolving business needs. 

Boost experimentation and productivity

The Dataset Manager, a key component of our web application, empowers business experts and system integrators with seamless data integration capabilities. With the flexibility to handle data in any format and from any source, this feature accelerates the process of data integration and experimentation process. 

  • Effortlessly create, organize and manipulate datasets
  • Develop new experiments using custom data 
  • Speed up the experimentation process.

Accelerate integrations and deployment

The robust CI/CD pipeline implemented within the deployment of our solutions simplifies and automates the process of integration, testing, and deployment, leading to faster solution updates. Moreover, the Cosmo Tech “Run Templates” function enables the deployment of pre-configured experiments, making it easy for business users to access and control the relevant parameters of these experiments.

  • Save time and reduce errors with automated code integration 
  • Deliver enhanced solutions with speed and ease 
  • Autonomously execute advanced experiments.