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A French Tech success story, an authority in enterprise modeling and simulation, and the world leader in AI-Simulation Technology

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Prescriptive Simulation Twins as the spearhead

Cosmo Tech is a global software vendor of Prescriptive Simulation Twins solutions for industrial companies to simulate and optimize operational efficiency.

Cosmo Tech’s Prescriptive Simulation Twins help decision makers to virtually test their action plans before implementing them, obtain an optimal, executable strategy to achieve their goals and meet their KPIs, and show every step of this operational plan with total transparency. Leading companies from the manufacturing, automotive, energy, and transport sectors rely on Cosmo Tech solutions to unlock hidden value while justifying their decisions with facts.

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Industry Recognition

Founded by Michel Morvan and Hugues de Bantel in 2010, the ENS de Lyon research university spin-off quickly established itself as a global reference in the modeling, simulation and optimization of industrial systems.

Michel & Hugues

Our conviction is that organizations must be able to reimagine their operations, services, and products at the interconnection of physical and digital assets. This choice will enable an unprecedented jump in productivity combined with a more sustainable and resilient organization.

Pre-packaged Simulation Twin Solution

Pre-packaged Simulation Twin Solution

Solution Platform

No matter your industry. Discover our AI-Simulation Platform for industrial businesses in manufacturing, energy and utilities and mobility.
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Cosmo Tech Supply Chain
Cosmo Tech Supply Chain
Cosmo Tech Supply Chain provides comprehensive supply chain planning capabilities that deliver value at every stage of the manufacturing process. Create a dynamic replica of operational systems with all of the resources, constraints, processes and data.
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Cosmo Tech Asset
Cosmo Tech Asset
Cosmo Tech Asset allows asset managers to build an optimal, integrated investment plan while justifying its deliverability with full transparency. Connect organizational silos, find the balance between stakeholders’ objectives, and reach collective decision-making.
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