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Cosmo Tech Asset, our Prescriptive Simulation Twins for Asset Management, is designed for enterprises seeking to optimize their operational efficiency, strategic planning, asset management, and asset performance.

Each year, companies invest billions of euros to manage the infrastructure and assets we rely on every day. Asset-intensive industries such as electricity, utilities, transport and water need to make the right decisions on how best to maintain and expand this infrastructure.

The increasing effect of obsolescence constraints on the consequences of asset failures requires an optimal asset investment strategy that considers both obsolescence and aging bottleneck, unexpected downtime costs, OPEX expenses as well as CAPEX investments.

The advanced capabilities of Cosmo Tech AI-Simulation Platform help decision-makers to:


  • Switch from a pure accounting asset lifespan to an investment strategy that minimizes TOTEX and maximizes asset revenues
  • Ensure consensus regarding asset replacement between Maintenance, Production and Finance departments and align corporate strategies with specific sites’ needs.
  • Decrease downtime cost and optimize CAPEX allocation strategy.

Case Studies

Optimal Replacement Strategy at Airbus

How Airbus found the optimal strategy for the riveting machines of their final assembly line.

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Optimize Operational Asset Investments

How an international car manufacturer built an optimal OPEX/CAPEX asset investment plan to replace and renew obsolete equipment and control risk exposure.

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Factory Planning

Optimize Your Manufacturing Planning and Scheduling

How a car manufacturer took into account complex production sequences and met the needs of their dynamic supply chain.

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