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SAS & Cosmo Tech have joined forces to define the future of analytics, AI, and simulation in the Cloud for the Smart Industry. Through this strategic partnership, we offer new market-ready solutions that provide the best experience and value to our customers as they seek to build resilient and agile supply chains in a volatile, uncertain, and complex world. 

Together, we directly connect demand planning and forecasting with production and inventory planning.  Now, customers in all industries can unlock even more critical data insights on their path to digital transformation, meet business goals fasters and drive innovation cost-effectively.

End-to-end supply chain resilience solution

The impact of starting with the wrong demand forecasts can be significant if you consider the excessive inventories and immobilized cash, the lost sales and all the extra-costs linked to the suboptimal resource usage.

Our combined technology ensures that the right level of supply is available through the right channels, at the right time, saving you capital and creating a customer experience that always hits the mark.

The SAS and Cosmo Tech joint technology approach gives your organization the decision-intelligence needed for agile responses necessary to accommodate the volatile consumer demand and plan for the new normal.

  • Take advantage of new technology to build robust systems and plans and stay ahead of competitors.
  • Gain end-to-end supply visibility and optimize productivity across the entire supply chain.
  • Test unlimited scenarios to anticipate all possible situations, even the ones that have never occurred before.
  • Identify trade-offs with several variables and innumerable technical constraints to find the best fit solutions.
  • Accelerate decision-making and gain valuable agility to resolve most urgent situations.
  • Assess decision risks and calculate the overall supply chain resilience in the face of uncertainty.
  • Identify supply chain top vulnerabilities and automatically obtain the best plan to meet the goals set.
  • Optimize service levels and drive higher sales and margins with newly enabled opportunities for value creation.
Automate and accelerate demand planning insights across your supply chain with SAS Intelligent Planning Suite

Automate and accelerate demand planning insights across your supply chain with SAS Intelligent Planning Suite

SAS Intelligent Planning Suite is a high performance, customer-centric planning system that uses powerful retail analytics to provide collaborative forecasting and demand planning steps, transforming demand planning into a continuous flexible process. 


Analyze demand data to spot patterns related to all your products, selling locations and channels.


Use analytics to meet customer demand while managing inventory costs.


Drive logistics efficiencies and collaboratively plan across business functions.
Build supply chain resilience with Cosmo Tech Prescriptive Simulation Twins

Build supply chain resilience with Cosmo Tech Prescriptive Simulation Twins

Cosmo Tech provides a 360° and forward-looking view of the dynamic behavior of the most complex organizations, by simulating all assets and interconnections of the entire supply chain, even under conditions that have never occurred before. 


Simulation modeling provides a safe and cost-effective way to test unlimited “what-if” scenarios without causing disruption.


Simulation allows the observation of a system behaviour over time at any level of detail (from the next minutes to the next years).


Unique orchestration of several types of simulation methods, tools and machine learning techniques for increased accuracy.

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