Where is Dani Green now? CBS 48 hours to revisit the story of a woman who claimed a pet dog killed her husband

Dani Green murdered her ex-husband, Raymond “Ray” Green, in the early hours of a morning in May 2014. The 62-year-old victim was shot 10 times in bed while he slept peacefully. His body was then shoved into a metal container, which would have looked like a toolbox, placed outside the Indiana property where he lived with his ex-wife, Danielle “Dani” Green.

Dani Green has claimed pet Jazzy attacked ex-husband Ray Green. The story unravels when his body is found with 10 gunshot wounds. cbsn.ws/3mE7dXn

Saturday, June 11, CBS’ 48 hours will see Peter Van Sant revisit the Raymond “Ray” Green murder case rerunning his episode titled The Murder of Cowboy Ray Green.

The official synopsis of the next 48 hours episode states:

“Dani Green claimed the family dog ​​killed her ex-husband, Ray, but when police arrived at the house there was no sign of a man or dog. Dani told police that they could search anywhere in the field except for a large toolbox.Correspondent Peter Van Sant reports Saturday, June 11 at 10/9c on CBS and streaming on Paramount+. June 8, 2022”

As a cowboy, Ray Green used to interact with all kinds of animals. Then his ex-wife told her family that he had been killed by their German Shepherd. What really happened to Ray Green? cbsn.ws/3QgsiEH https://t.co/mbau6zbYUO

Police were made aware of Ray’s disappearance, when his mother demanded a checkup after receiving a strange call from Dani, who claimed their family dog ​​had bitten and killed Ray. A few days later, the cops showed up at Dani Green’s doorstep looking for her ex-husband. Dani attempted to mislead detectives, telling them that he had already left the house.

But the apparent stench of bleach and the unmistakable smell of human decay told police otherwise. Her naked body was discovered hidden in a metal container shaped like a toolbox, pierced with ten gunshots. After obtaining a warrant to search the property, authorities uncovered the truth and enough evidence to arrest and charge him with the murder of cowboy Ray Green.

Where is Dani Green now, who apparently murdered for money?

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In 2015, Dani Green, 43, was convicted of murdering her ex-husband Ray Green, 62, and was eventually sentenced to 60 years in prison. Reportedly, authorities revealed that throughout the interrogation process following her detention, the defendant claimed that she murdered Ray in self-defense when the latter attacked her.

Dani remains behind bars at the Indiana Women’s Prison in Indianapolis, Indiana. According to her prisoner records from the state Department of Corrections, her earliest likely release date is May 31, 2043, assuming the Indiana Parole Board finds her eligible for the same.

Green claimed in court that Ray allegedly attempted to murder her in the early morning hours of the same tragic day. That’s when she picked up a nearby gun and started shooting at him. Contrary to the defendant’s assertions, the expert testimony indicates that the deceased was sleeping in his bed when he was shot.

Aaron Negangard, a prosecutor from Dearborn, Ohio Country, told the court that,

“This lady committed cold-blooded murder, shot him 10 times, put him in a box and then left him to rot.”

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It was revealed in court that the murder resulted from Danielle’s need for money and her desire to initiate a romantic relationship with Angus McNasty, a Florida-based cowboy. Investigators also uncovered an extensive and disturbing web search history, including “what happens when you’re shot in the head?”, “a .38 shot at close range” and the phrase ” If you shoot someone…does the light go out or maybe survive?”

Revisiting CBS’ Raymond Green Murder Story 48 hours is set to air its next episode on June 11, 2022.

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