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ZipZyme Omega, a nutritional treatment for pets, is an innovative new product, recently patented by a West Hartford-based company, designed to improve the health and vitality of pets.

West Hartford resident Deena Sisitsky, CEO and co-founder of PhytoSmart, launches the innovative ZipZyme pet food supplement. Courtesy picture

By Ronni Newton

Deena Sisitsky, lifelong pet lover and West Hartford resident, is convinced that a newly patented product will help dogs and cats live healthier lives – safely and easily with a supplement of ocean algae that is added to their food.

Sisitsky, who grew up in West Hartford and moved back to town to raise her family, is the co-founder and CEO of PhytoSmart, the producer of ZipZyme Omega. The company has a research and development facility in Brunswick, ME, where the product – developed to overcome omega 3 deficiency in most modern pet diets – is grown and produced sustainably.

“Our nutritional therapy offers the safest and most effective alternative to all extracted omega 3 oils,” Sisitsky said. “A daily serving of ZipZyme added to your pet’s food is the easiest way to protect and repair your pet’s health from the inside out,” she says.

The product has been in soft launch mode for several years and is now being renamed for a full launch after receiving a patent.

“As we prepare for our full launch, we are delighted to have already been honored with awards naming ZipZyme Omega as the most innovative and disruptive pet nutrition product, and more recently to have obtained a US patent,” she said.

West Hartford resident Robert Lerman helps launch the startup. Courtesy picture

In recent years, Sisitisky has also partnered with longtime West Hartford resident Robert Lerman, who played a leading role in launching the startup. Lerman, who has run several manufacturing companies, has a background in engineering, math and finance – complementing Sisitsky’s entrepreneurial background and background in science, technology and marketing.

ZipZyme Omega provides the safest source of sustainable DHA to support optimal health in pets at every stage of life, Sisitsky said. Through a patented process in the United States, ZipZyme Omega is sourced directly from ocean algae, extracting natural DHA Omega 3 which provides multiple health benefits including improved brain function and development, circulation, mobility, weight management and protection against a multitude of modern diseases.

Fish oil is a popular source of Omega 3 DHA, but rather than extracting oil from fish that has consumed algae, ZipZyme is produced by extracting the material directly, in a sterile environment, “from a way that does not oxidize and therefore does not destroy the DHA”. -producing enzymes,” the company states. It is brined with sea salt, to further prevent oxidation.

“We are proud that ZipZyme is made in the USA, and after considerable due diligence and hard work over the past few years, we are now ready to tell the world and share with pet owners all about the product. breakthrough we know we have and the benefits it will bring,” Sisitsky said.

Nutritional therapeutics are a new and growing category in the world of pet health, and the product name, ZipZyme, was inspired by a customer testimonial who used it during the soft launch. (as SmartZYME) and noted how it has transformed his pet’s life. energy and health – with the animal taking over the “zip” around the yard with a spring in its step. The name is also symbolic of the product’s benefits and aligns with the core mission – and product motto – “Protecting Pet Vitality”.

ZipZyme, which is vegan, grain-free, and all-natural, and determined to be “delicious” for pets, also promotes smoother, shinier coats for dogs and cats. The website notes additional benefits for maintaining robust health and vitality, including improved cognition and immune function and reduced allergic reactions.

Courtesy of ZipZyme

Two formulas are available, depending on the weight of the animal. The high-tech packaging – developed by NASA to ensure freshness and protect the product from harmful oxidation that can damage the extracted omega 3 oils – contains a 30-day supply.

“ZipZyme Omega is great for all pets, all ages, to improve vitality and balance, and ZipZyme Omega will do both,” said advisory board member Dr. Jeff Feinman, BA, VMD, CVH , a Fairfield County-based holistic veterinarian who is also a founder of Holistic Actions! Blog. He noted that ZipZyme Omega can be used proactively as part of a healthy, balanced diet – before symptoms appear – to prevent future diseases and often painful health conditions.

The company’s advisory board also includes Dr. Jed Fahey, a recently retired nutritional biochemist from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine whose career has focused on using herbal agents to improve lifespan.

ZipZyme Omega was featured in LUXlif Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards, and received the 2021 Pet Products & Services Award for Most Disruptive Pet Nutrition Product (US), and was named the 2022 Global 100 Winner for the most innovative pet nutrition product.

ZipZyme Omega will also be featured by Shark Discoveries next month. According to Sisitsky, Kevin Harrington, an original “shark” from the hit TV show “Shark Tank,” reached out to ZipZyme Omega on behalf of its Shark Discoveries Pet Health and Wellness division to help educate more consumers about the safest products. and the healthiest. innovative solution to Omega 3 deficiency in pets.

More information is available on the ZipZyme website where the product is now available for purchase. The launch is currently being celebrated with a 15% discount at checkout (code “ZipZyme”).

“I’ve always loved pets, ever since I grew up in West Hartford,” Sisitsky said. “With ZipZyme Omega, I’m giving back – providing pets with nutritional therapy that will lead to better health and better lives, for them and the pet parents who love them.”

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