Waynesboro PD K-9 officer shows his skills

WAYNESBORO, Miss. (WDAM) – The Waynesboro Police Department has a furry friend to help them catch criminals.

Jagger is their department’s K-9 officer, and in 2018 the citizens of Waynesboro helped buy him. Now Jagger is trained in apprehension, narcotics and tracking.

“With illegal drug detection, you can run this dog around a vehicle, and if it detects that vehicle, that’s an alert that our officers can use for probable cause to search that vehicle,” said Chief Holt Ross.

However, managing a K-9 officer takes a lot of time and responsibility, including constant training.

“Most people think, ‘Oh, they cycle for 12 hours, eight hours, whatever shift, and then they go home,’ and that goes beyond that,” said Cpl. Geoff Patton. “You also have to train with them when you’re off duty. I will train at least once a month with Southern State K-9.

Paton says one of Jagger’s great assets is his canine scent, which he says is significantly better than humans.

“If there’s something inside that vehicle or inside a house or around a house and everything, even somewhere buried underground, the dog can always pick it up,” said Paton.

In fact, some specialized training includes narcotics apprehension and search.

Paton says all they know is that the toy they’re using is associated with that smell.

“In this case, Jagger and I are going to use a little squeaky toy, and once Jagger shows a positive indication and makes his positive stance where he’s sitting and staring, I’ll come up behind him, and throw that toy in. .” said Patton.

The Waynesboro Police Department is grateful to have Jagger and will continue to train him daily to ensure he does not lose these specific skills to the City of Waynesboro.

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