Waterloo Kennel Club Dog Show Returns After Year-Long Hiatus |



WAVERLY – Hundreds of dogs trotted through the Bremer County Fairgrounds on Saturday for the Waterloo Kennel Club dog show in Waverly.

With over 200 breed classes to compete in, competitors from across the country were judged in hopes of becoming the best show champions at the annual event.

During the two-day event, each dog and their owner compete against each other to rank among other members of their breed before going up against other breed winners for the title of best of the show.

A dozen judges were in attendance, each researching certain characteristics for each breed while also researching the general health of teeth, gums and coat.

Short, light rains on Saturday posed a challenge for owners, who went out of their way to keep their dog’s coat dry, as they are also judged on overall appearance.

Competition resumes Sunday at the Bremer County Fairgrounds in Waverly.

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