Waterbury Officer Slater and K9 Nico

WATERBURY, Conn. (WFSB) – This week on Amazing K9 Duos we caught up with Officer Slater and K9 Nico from the Waterbury Police Department.

Renee DiNino: Nice to see you!

Officer Slater: Nice to see you too!

A: Tell us a bit about K9 Nico. How long have you worked together?

S: Nico is a 4 year old German Shepherd. Nico is from the Czech Republic and we dated him when he was about 1 year old. I’ve worked with him for about three years now.

A: I like his vest, I bet there’s a story behind it!

S: So his vest was donated by a wonderful company in Oakville, Connecticut called German Auto Repair. Mark and Dawn donated to Brandy’s Dog Fund, an Ohio non-profit organization. They complete the vests for canines. Because it’s important to keep your K9 well protected as well of course.

A: Tell me about a typical day at your job.

S: I work third shift, so he sleeps as little as I do, unfortunately. Normally during the day, he is a normal dog when he is at home, he hangs out, he loves to play with sticks and play with his ball. I have another dog and he loves to play with her. We also rest as much as possible, then we go to work! Patrol service and all. So he’s a dual-purpose dog, he’s a patrol dog that tracks and follows human scent, and he’s a narcotics detection dog.

A: Is he your first K9 partner?

S: It is, it’s my first and I hope it won’t be my last!

A: Do you think you will ever go back to a two-legged partner?

S: It’s very hard to say. Any master knows that once you go with a dog, it’s hard to go back. They become your best friend! They become part of your family.

A: How has that changed you as a police officer?

S: Training dogs is humbling. You’re training an animal that doesn’t know what you’re saying, so when you get something to figure out that you’ve been trying to work on for a while, it’s just so rewarding.

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