Vet Reveals Top 5 Dog Breeds for Owners

Is your pup on that power list?

A veterinarian on TikTok has broken down the top five dog breeds he would “personally consider getting” and the list has garnered viral attention online.

The animal expert — known on the platform as Ben the UK vet with more than 103,000 followers — clarified that the canines chosen are only from his own opinion.

“And I’m also not saying these are the five healthiest dog breeds possible, because every breed of dog has issues that they are prone to,” he said.

“These aren’t the only five I would consider either,” Ben added, expressing that his choices mostly come down to the dogs’ likely health needs.

5. Greyhounds

Fifth on his list are greyhounds, a breed that Ben describes as having “strong attachments to people” and often in need of a home after their racing career is over.

“They may not look very cuddly, but they are really nice and there are so many who need to be home after their racing career is over,” he said. declared. “They will be happy to walk around, but they would like the opportunity to sprint, so make sure you give them that opportunity.”

However, the vet also said greyhounds are notorious for their bad teeth, advising pet owners to “make the effort from the start to get their teeth brushed”.

Greyhounds often need homes after their racing career is over.
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4. Border Burrows

Ben listed the “little” border terriers at four as an excellent selection for owners looking for pocket puppies.

“In my experience, they’re quite affectionate little dogs, and compared to other terriers, they maybe form slightly strong bonds with people,” he said.

Another positive is that this is a “quite robust health-wise” breed, according to the vet.

Border terriers are known to be an incredibly healthy dog ​​breed, says a veterinarian.
Border terriers are known to be an incredibly healthy dog ​​breed, says a veterinarian.
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3. Vizsla

Next, he adds the tough-haired Hungarian Vizsla because of their “really charming temperament.”

“It’s a bit of a niche choice because there aren’t many, but the ones I’ve met have a lovely temperament,” Ben said.

“Again moderate and not exaggerated in their appearance, but they can be prone to certain joint problems such as hip dysplasia,” he said of the hip socket abnormality that can cause arthritis.

Another key point about the generally brown-haired breed is that “they need lots and lots of exercise and stimulation,” he added. “I would only buy one if I had time to take them out for two long walks a day.”

Wirehaired Vizsla dogs are very active and friendly, Ben says.
Wirehaired Vizsla dogs are very active and friendly, Ben says.
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2. Labradors

No. 2 on the list is the Labrador for its “sweet, affectionate, loyal, and fun” ways as “amazing family dogs.”

“However, I am slightly conflicted about them as they are unfortunately genetically prone to a few different issues,” Ben said. “One of their biggest issues is joint issues, so I would definitely make sure both parents have their hip and elbow assessed.”

Labs “are also very prone to getting bigger,” according to Ben. “I would be extremely careful to keep them in shape.”

Labrador dogs are great pets, Ben said.
Labradors are great pets, Ben said.
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1. Bastards

Last but not least, the #1 dog breed type that Ben would get is a mongrel, as he is less prone to disease.

“The downside is the unpredictability in terms of adult size, temperament and activity levels that you get with a purebred dog,” Ben said.

“But what you get is diverse genetics which, because it’s less inbred, is less prone to diseases that have a hereditary component and for me as a vet that’s very important.”

Mixed-breed mongrels can be extremely healthy dogs, Ben said.
Mixed-breed mongrels can be extremely healthy dogs, Ben said.
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Previously, Ben ranked the five breeds he would never own in a clip that got more than 7 million views on TikTok.

Among this unlucky quintuplet were: Chow Chows, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Dachshunds, Shar Peis and flat-faced breeds like French Bulldogs.

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