Vancouver Island animal hospital issues warning after 4 dogs die from heatstroke



VANCOUVER – Several dogs died from heatstroke on Vancouver Island on Saturday, according to an emergency veterinary hospital in Nanaimo.

Tinille Mckenzie-Wyatt is a Certified Veterinary Technologist specializing in Emergency and Critical Care for the Central Island Veterinary Emergency Hospital. She told CTV News Vancouver Island that the hospital saw four dogs die of heatstroke on Saturday.

More animals are likely succumbing to heat stroke on Vancouver Island and around British Columbia as the province faces a record heat wave.

While vets and law enforcement often warn people not to leave dogs in hot cars, Mckenzie-Wyatt said the high temperatures in B.C. right now can be dangerous for animals, even in d ‘other environments.

“It could definitely happen at home, quite easily in the garden,” she said. “Dogs don’t always know what’s best for them, and they’ll sometimes lie down in the sun.”

Mckenzie-Wyatt said it’s important not to use ice or extreme cold to cool dogs that are suffering from heat. It may shock them and make the problem worse, she said.

Instead, the hospital recommends that people put dogs’ feet in room-temperature water or use cool towels on their stomachs, armpits and groins to keep them cool.

Mckenzie-Wyatt said short-nosed dog breeds are more sensitive to heat and owners should watch out for excessive gasping, lethargy, seizures and bloody stools, which are some of the symptoms of a stroke. of heat to varying degrees of severity.

Dogs exhibiting such symptoms should be cooled using the methods listed and taken to the nearest emergency vet, Mckenzie-Wyatt said.


A previous version of this story gave the incorrect title to Tinille Mckenzie-Wyatt. She is actually a licensed veterinary technologist specializing in emergency and critical care.


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