UK’s most expensive dogs to own with breed costing you £1,600 a year

The UK is an animal-loving nation, with 51% of adults owning a pet, 26% of them being a dog. There are around 9.6million four-legged friends in Britain, with more than £1.4billion spent each year on dog food alone.

Making the big decision to bring a dog into your home not only affects your lifestyle, but also puts a dent in your wallet. The cost of caring for your new best friend varies greatly depending on your breed’s demand and then their insurance.

However, later on, due to some breeds’ habit of developing health problems, their care can cost a small fortune if your insurance doesn’t cover them.

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Thanks to Savoo’s research, it has now been revealed how much the most expensive breeds to own will cost you over their hectic lifetime.

The most expensive dogs to own

According to the study’s findings, Bulldogs are the most expensive dog breed to own – costing £24,207 over their average lifespan, or £1,619 per year. Affectionate, playful and loyal, Bulldogs are a formidable and popular breed.

However, their health issues drive the average cost of insuring the adorable wrinkled dogs to £12,522 over a 12-year lifespan.

Bulldogs Are The Most Expensive Breed To Own According To A Recent Study

Savoo analyzed the 10 most popular dog breeds and considered the following costs:

  • Purchase/Adoption Cost
  • Food
  • Insurance
  • Vaccination and average annual booster
  • Annual grooming fees
  • Training courses
  • Cost of bedding, collar and cage
  • Toys

The report found that Dachshunds, Beagles and German Shepherds were the least expensive breeds in the study. Over £10,000 cheaper than Bulldogs, German Shepherds rank as the most affordable dog, costing just £13,811 over their 11-year lifespan – due to their ability to stave off major health issues .

Beagles are ranked the second cheapest dog, costing £14,175 over their lifetime and Dachshunds are the third most affordable dog breed with a total cost of £14,749.

The average price of owning a dog that is in the top 10 breeds is £17,848 over its lifetime, £1,339 per year and £112 per month.

However, if you think dog owners are struggling, spare a thought for cats. Cat owners spend an average of £23,077 over their pet’s lifetime.

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