This veterinarian pretends to be different breeds of dogs on TikTok

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A Tennessee veterinary clinic is going viral for its videos of clinic staff posing as different breeds of dogs, reports the Miami Herald.

Videos, job on TikTok, are titled “If Animals Were Humans at the Doctor,” and are from GoodVets at the Gulch in Nashville, posted under @drmollysays. Dr. Molly Brinkmann is the clinic’s associate veterinarian and star of the fantasy shorts.

A star is born

The videos have already garnered millions of views and people are totally impressed with the perfect imitations. Of Labradors at Chihuahuasthese clips hit home with dog parents everywhere.

According to the comments, the videos show very well the particular characteristics that define certain breeds. For example, the Chihuahua video begins with Dr. Brinkmann entering the clinic and immediately fighting with someone else in the waiting room. One person commented, “Why is this so accurate??”

However, not everyone agrees that the vet’s impressions measure up. GBabeey writes, “Not my baby Ivy. She is literally the sweetest Chihuahua.

Another clip shows a nervous Husky struggling during an exam. Dr. Brinkmann captures sitting and standing anxiety and even howling howls that the breed is known for. One Husky parent commented, “If there was no screaming, it’s not a Husky! Well done!”

Fans, from dog parents to veterinarians

On top of that, the videos not only appeal to dog parents, but also other people who work with dogs. It seems like a lot of people in the industry identify with the experience of interacting with so many unique canine personalities. Another viewer said, “I practiced as a vet tech a few years ago. So precise!”

Dr. Molly is also expanding her repertoire of animals. In one video, she does an outrageous impression of the “universally naughty” male orange cat.

Hopefully the GoodVets team will continue to impersonate different breeds of dogs and post these videos. As of now, they can all be watched as a series on the social media app. We can’t wait to see their dachshund print.

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