Things may change, but Dally in the Alley remains the same beloved street festival

Detroit’s Cass Corridor is changing and evolving, but over the past several decades, the Dally in the Alley Festival has consistently brought it back to its 1970s grassroots vibe.

The community event returns on Saturday for the first time since 2019. Organized by the North Cass Community Union, the organizers say they have made efforts to ensure the festival remains largely the same.

“We wanted to keep it really familiar and keep the dally setup that you’re used to,” NCCU President Adriel Thornton said. “We’re trying to reduce congestion, especially in the alley.”

He said they would do this by having a few fewer vendors. People selling handcrafted items are part of the festival’s charm, as are art, music and children’s activities. There are also beer stands, which are the main source of funding for the party.

A new addition to this year’s Dally are metal detectors at the entrances to keep everyone as safe as possible.

All of this community engagement will whet your appetite, and the festival has nearly a dozen different food vendors. Grab easy-to-eat festival fare from Conchy’s Empanadas, People’s Pierogi, or Authentic Jamaican Co.

The Kids Fair at Dally in the Alley, held in Midtown Detroit on Saturday.

Full course catering is also included, as well as Amicci’s Pizza, Detroit’s Original Seafood Truck, Cheesesteak Institute of America, House of Mac, Cous Cous Cuisine Catering, and sweet treats from SnoBiz Detroit and Milk & Froth.

There are four music stages throughout the event’s footprint featuring local bands and DJs, as well as a “Community Stage” beginning at 11:45 a.m. with Detroit Community Yoga, followed by music by Cass Tech students, storytelling, and a dog show.

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43rd Annual Dally in the Alley

11am-11pm Sat (rainy date is Sun)

W. Hancock and Second Ave., Detroit

Free admission

garden stage

11:15 am: Lost Aliens

12:15 p.m.: The hour lists

1:15 p.m.: Burn Maralago

2:15pm: Caveman & Bam Bam

3:15 p.m.: Zzvava

4:15 p.m.: Tony Paris & the Sugarburn

5:15 p.m. Sun Astros

6:15 p.m.: The honey pot

7:15 p.m.: Milk bath

8:15 p.m.: Tiptoe

9:15 p.m. The hand

Detroit rock band Tart performs at Dally in the Alley Saturday.

forest stage

11:30 am: Te LaSalle

12:30 p.m.: Strictly OK

1:30 pm: Karanji’s Soulwater Band

2:30 p.m. White bee

3:30 p.m.: Valerie Barrymore & Foundation of Funk

4:30 p.m.: Cake

5:30 p.m.: BP Music

6:30 p.m.: Gwenyth Hayes

7:30 p.m.: School

8:30 p.m.: Armani Monte

9:30pm: 313 the hard way

Detroit rock band The Indigo Curve

alley stage

Noon: Mirror Monster

1 p.m.: Tangle Parade

2 p.m.: Suburban Knights

3 p.m.: The Indigo Curve

4 p.m.: Matthew Milia

5 p.m.: Twin Deer

6 p.m.: Century Babes

7 p.m.: Hand grenades

8 p.m.: Yeah Connery

9 p.m.: Flow4daze

10 p.m.: J. Santino

west beer garden

Noon: Caleb

2 p.m.: Jem

4 p.m.: Raquel B

6 p.m.: Dr. poppers

6:30 p.m.: Tyler

8 p.m.: Perish + Xan Bishop

9:30 p.m.: Jeffrey Woodward

Signs greet visitors to the annual Dally in the Alley festival in Midtown Detroit on Saturday, September 7, 23019. Max Ortiz, The Detroit News

East beer garden

3 p.m.: Isaac Prieto

4:30 p.m.: Matthew Jay

6 p.m.: Neil V

7:30 p.m.: Joe Hix

8:30 p.m.: Use

9:30 p.m.: Buzz Goree

community stage

11:45 am Detroit Community Yoga

1 p.m.: Cass Tech String Ensemble

2 p.m.: Sofa stories

3 p.m.: Dally Dog Show

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