THE WORLD ACCORDING TO JEFF GOLDBLUM unveils the teaser for season 2




Star wars

and LEGO blend together perfectly, as does Jeff Goldblum and… literally everything. In his National Geographic series,

The world according to Jeff Goldblum

, the actor and sleek supine stallion takes a peek at random cultural facets of the world, from shoe surgeons to rockabilly ice cream parties. All this gives rise to a set of “tasty” experiences. Like those in this new trailer for season two of the series, which will debut on Disney + on November 12.

In the teaser of

The world according to Jeff Goldblum

‘s second season, which follows the 2019 premiere, Goldblum shows a plethora of experiences it will investigate. It includes everything from orchestrating massive drone light shows to poodle therapy. And each weird and wonderful subject looks as eccentric and joyful as the actor’s own idiosyncrasies.

National Geographic notes on YouTube that the second season “will take viewers on delicious journeys to discover the” why “of magic, fireworks, monsters, dogs and dancing,” and Goldblum is more curious. than ever. “My acting life has prompted me to seek openness and interest in the unseen,” Goldblum said in the season two teaser. “I like to learn everything,” adds the actor.

Jeff Goldblum stands next to a prop monster in an advertisement for the actor's National Geographic show, The World According to Jeff Goldblum.

National Geographic

For those who can’t wait until November 12 for more Goldblum, don’t worry;


has you covered in this department. And then some. Here’s yet another taste of Goldblum’s delicious personality in an interview on

Hot ones

, for example. There are also those duets that Goldblum performed with

jurassic park

co-starring, Sam Neill. The actor is even in a

Dungeons & Dragons

podcast as an elven wizard, which is obviously epic. Playing


is yet another of his unusual interests. And if you’re looking to bring even more Goldblum into your life, don’t forget this stellar holiday gift. You can never go wrong by offering Goldblum.


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