The turtle is a good pet, do you know the reason?

A lot of people would like to have pets in the house, but they hesitate because they don’t have enough space and they tend to think that pets would make their house a mess.

The turtle does not require space

Animals such as cats and other animals surely make great pets, but they need a fair amount of space as well as freedom to move around the house, when it comes to turtles. , she usually moves at a very slow pace and they need a very small area to be active.

Doesn’t require a lot of attention

Turtles don’t need a lot of attention and care like many other pets. All they need is secure housing and a place to sleep and a heat lamp to keep them warm and also temperature regulated.

The turtle does not lose

Unlike dogs and kittens, turtles don’t molt because they have a thick protective layer around their body, which they tend to call their little homes.

they are super clean

Another problem that many of us may have come across with furry animals, they tend to wreak havoc around the house. When you have a turtle, you don’t have to worry about it.

A turtle doesn’t need the same amount of cleaning as a furry animal, as furry animals get out and get dirty as much as possible while playing in the mud, while we find the turtle to feel good in its own. environment.

No smell

Turtles also do not give off an odor, unlike other animals, we find that turtles do not have a distinctive scent.

The turtle is super nice

Few people will hesitate to buy a reptile because they tend to believe that they are creatures without emotion. The love and companionship you get from a dog is hard to express. They still want to play and express their love. They are also very emotional, ranging from tail wagging to puppy eyes. You can stroke the turtle shell; they love this experience and it will help bond with this pet.

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