The Sartell police blotter from October 1


If you have a tip about a crime, call the Sartell Police Department at 320-251-8186 or Tri-County Crime Stoppers at 320-255-1301, or go to their information site at Crime Stoppers offers rewards of up to $ 1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for a crime.

September 7

04:50 Vandalism. Watab’s court. An agent was dispatched to a vandalism call at a resident’s home. When the officer arrived, he found a work van in the aisle with the rear passenger side window shattered. The owner had already cleaned the window and moved the van. The owner said it does not appear that anything was stolen from the vehicle. The officer was unable to locate anything that could have been used to break the glass. The agent took pictures and told the owner to call if anything was missing.

September 8

7:18 am Special detail. Pinecone Road N. Due to information received, two patrol officers have been assigned to a special detail for a planned demonstration. Three people were waving signs along the street in front of the school. No problem was found.

September 9

23:33 Noise. Amber Avenue S. Two officers were dispatched over a loud music complaint. The complainant told the dispatch that he had been to the door twice, but the tenant did not answer the door when he knocked. The officers were able to get the tenant to open the door and turn down the music. Officers noted that they could hear the music when they entered the building. The tenant said he didn’t think the music was that loud and that he was planning on going to bed so that wasn’t a problem. The officer informed the tenant of the city noise ordinance and that it was a verbal warning.

September 10

11:05 am Juvenile problem. First street NE. A school resource manager has been asked to help with a youth problem at a local school. The officer was told that a young man had left school and refused to return, and school staff were following the child. Upon arrival, the officer found that the miner had already crossed the Sartell Bridge and was on the causeway. The minor did not want to join the officer’s squad, due to the amount of traffic; the officer assisted him in the squad for their safety. The officer took the minor back to school, the minor refused to go to school but after talking for a while he entered the school with the officer.

September 11th

03:59 am Citizen contact. Pinecone Road S. An officer was on a routine patrol when he noticed a group of men waving him off. The officer stopped and the man explained that he was lost. The man was trying to walk to his girlfriend’s house from the Ultimate Sports Bar in Waite Park. The officer led the man to a nearby building.

September 12

11:07 p.m. Suspicious activity. Brookwood Lane. An officer was dispatched to the area for a man walking behind some houses with a flashlight. The complainant was concerned that the man was looking into the houses. The officer located the man who said he was looking for his cat who had run away from his apartment. The cat is almost all white but has a black tail and a black patch around its eye.

September 13

10:09 am Suspicious odor. Conduct of troops. A Sartell police officer and Sartell firefighters were dispatched for an electrical odor inside a business. When the officer arrived, she was directed to the break room; she noticed that she could smell something strong. When Sartell Fire arrived, they discovered that something in a light had burned out causing a problem for an electrician to look into. The two departments broke away soon after.

September 14

11:36 p.m. Material damage. CR 1. While an officer was on a routine patrol, he was reported by a motorist who stated that he had struck vehicle parts on the roadway. The officer noticed that a tree and a street sign in the median had been struck. The damage occurred north of the CR 120 and appeared to be from a southbound vehicle. The officer recovered a vehicle headlight; a quick google search informed the officer that it was a 2012-2014 Honda CR-V part. The officer took photos of the crash scene and recovered the lighthouse as evidence.

September 15th

11:15 am Animals. Brookwood Lane. An officer was dispatched over a dog abandonment complaint. The appellant said he was in his yard when he saw a female tie a dog to a fire hydrant and walk away. The appellant said he got on his bike and called the woman back and called the police. The officer spoke to the female who said she found the dog near the cemetery and took the dog for a walk in search of the owner. The female said she couldn’t find the owner, so she tied the dog up and walked away. The officer noted that the dog seemed very friendly to the female and even whimpered when the female walked away. The officer gave the dog water and could not find any information about the dog. Town maintenance was called and the dog was taken to the Tri County Humane Society.

September 16

2:01 pm Abandoned bike. Third Street S. An anonymous caller called dispatch indicating that a pink bicycle had been abandoned at Natures Edge Park for approximately 30 minutes. When the officer arrived at the scene, the bicycle was still there. The officer tried to check houses that appeared to have children near the park, but got no response. The officer transported the bicycle to the police department’s storage area to keep it safe.

September 17

5:51 p.m. Youth race. Fifth Street N. agents have been dispatched to report the disappearance of an 11-year-old boy. The mother said her son did not come home from school, did not think he was at a friend’s house, and was unaware that he was on his way to return home activities . Officers arrived in the area and school resource officers briefed staff on the return home activities. As officers prepared to ask the mother to fill out the appropriate paperwork, another officer located the young man. The officer transported the man to his home.

September 18

8:24 p.m. Special detail. Pinecone Road N. An officer has been assigned a special detail for the Sartell High School reunion dance. There was no problem while the officer was at the scene.

September 19

5:14 am Material damage. Third Avenue N. While an officer was on a routine patrol, they noticed that someone had knocked over the portable toilets on the football fields between middle school and college. No one was there at the time. The area was checked with heat-sensitive cameras on the squads, but no one was located. The officer took pictures and informed the school resource officers of this situation.

September 20

13:49 Noise. 10 Avenue N. A complaint has reached Sartell police for a violation of the noise ordinance. The complainant called saying that a garbage company was picking up the garbage at 5:30 a.m. and they were bothered by it. The complainant gave the wrong garbage business, but after some research, the officer found out which business it was and got in touch. The spokesperson said their contract called 6 a.m. for pickup times. The person said she would notify her supervisor of the complaint and correct the hours.

September 21

4:21 p.m. Additional patrol. Walk of the scouts. An agent was dispatched to call a company. The company requested an additional patrol around its building because it had a problem with a homeless person outside its doors. The person went to the toilet in the grass and the company would like it removed if it is located. Officers checked the area and were unable to locate.

September 22

6:36 am Animal. Pinecone Road S. While an officer was on a routine patrol, they encountered a deer that had been hit and ended up in the middle of the roadway. The officer moved the deer to the shoulder of the road before the morning traffic began. The agent contacted City Maintenance to remove the deer.

September 23

8.45 am Neighbors conflict. First street NE. An officer was dispatched for an argument between neighbors. The complainant said he had problems with someone parking in his building next to his vehicle. They believe they also rang the doorbell of their vehicle. The night before, a neighbor saw the individual put a note on his car and confronted the complainant’s wife. The officer asked if they wanted the neighbor to speak and they said no, but they wanted this documented for now.

September 24

01:23 AM Impaired driving. Agents from S. Second Street were dispatched to a company that had a male driver in the store who appeared to be under the influence; the male could barely walk. The complainant also stated that the front of the vehicle was badly damaged. When the officers arrived the man was in the vehicle and it was decided to put the vehicle inside so the driver would not try to leave. When officers approached the vehicle, they could see that the rubber was completely missing from the front tire. The driver slept at the wheel with the key in the ignition. The man was helped out of the vehicle and the man continued to argue with the officers. The man was taken to St. Cloud Hospital for testing; charges are pending.

September 25

2:16 am Fire alarm. Le Sauk promenade. Officers were sent to a fire alarm at a business. Officers checked the building and saw no smoke or flames. The alarm sign pointed to the lobby / pool. Officers checked both areas and nothing abnormal was seen. Sartell Fire arrived and found a faulty detector in the back area behind the reception. The alarm was reset and cleared by the Sartell fire department.

September 26

02:39 Agency assistance. The Sixth Avenue N. St. Cloud Police Department has requested assistance in saturating the campus area in the event of the suspected shootings. An officer from Sartell responded and searched for the suspect vehicle. The officer remained in the area until a St. Cloud sergeant cleared him.

September 27

5:08 a.m. burglary. CR 120. Agents of Sartell are dispatched on a possible burglary. Dispatch said a paper delivery man was near the business and noticed the window had been smashed by a large rock. The officer answered and the front and back doors were still secure. Officers cleaned up the business and found no one inside. The key holder has responded to the case and will get a video for the agent and the dollar amount of the missing merchandise. This case is still under investigation.

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