The biggest unanswered questions after the series finale

The extent The Season 6 finale, “Babylon’s Ashes,” resolves many of the Prime Video series’ problems, while simultaneously leaving a slew of questions unanswered. Although they may cause a feeling of dissatisfaction in some, The extentThe open threads of are entirely intentional, as the television series only adapted six of the nine novels from its source material. With so much more story to tell, The extentThe finale of serves more appropriately as a break in the story than as a final closure.

Based on book 6 in The extent series, The ashes of Babylon, season 6 focuses on the heart of the solar system war with Marco Inaros’ Free Navy. Additional news material strange dogs lends itself to foreshadowing subsequent novels in the series, as it sets an eye on the fledgling empire on the distant planet of Laconia. The Expanse season 6 ends with Marco defeated and peace restored to the solar system, however, his unanswered questions hint that much more needs to be done.


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A large number of The extent Details for Season 6 relate to individual character arcs, though several larger unanswered questions loom large. Ending the series in this way sets up a potential future adaptation of the remaining novels. As the end of the show was not supposed to solve all the problems, these are the most important questions after The extent season 6 finale and what can be inferred based on the end of the story.

What happens to Cara and Xan?

After their parents’ visceral reaction to Xan’s resurrected form, Cara and her brother took off into the Laconian Desert. Although the strange dogs The storyline ends rather openly, with it being heavily implied that Cara ends up dying of starvation or some other danger. As witnessed The extent previous episodes of season 6, death on Laconia only means the opportunity to be awakened by the mysterious of the planet “dogs.” When Xan expresses concern that Cara may meet her death, the daughter’s bloodline “It’s okay. If I die, the dogs will heal me”, perfectly sets up the future of the siblings, in the next novel in the series, Persepolis Uprising, Cara and Xan reappear, both in the altered state of gray skin and dark eyes generated by the Laconian “dogs.”

What are Duarte’s plans for Laconia?

The Expanse Season 6 Episode 6 Duarte and the Laconian Ship

The extent The Season 6 finale makes it clear that Admiral Winston Duarte had used Marco as a distraction as he smuggled the universe’s last remaining protomolecule sample through the Ring Gate while the Free Navy was raining asteroids on Earth. Duarte’s communication to Marco that he is closing the Laconia ring and that he has “gods to kill” foreshadows the Admiral’s plans to deal with the threat of the protomolecule builders. Plus, with protomolecule scientist Paolo Cortázar in its ranks, Laconia has sown the seeds to explore extraterrestrial stuff like never before. More importantly, Duarte involved the protomolecule in building ships – which paints a disheartening picture of the power of the empire when it reappears in the future.

How will Clarissa’s illness impact her future?

Clarissa Expanse's Final Diagnosis

The revelation from which Clarissa suffers “complex endocrine collapse syndrome” portends a bleak future for the redeemed convict. She never shares the news with any of her Roci crew members, which means a difficult conversation awaits her. At the end of The extent season 6, Clarissa seems content to remain a mechanic on Holden’s ship alongside Amos, however, the implication that her days are numbered raises a giant question. The extent sped up Clarissa’s timeline from the novels by introducing her declining health in Season 6, and with a time jump of 28 years before the start of the next novel, it’s possible more changes will occur. Should The extent adapting the rest of his source material in the future, he could justify Clarissa’s existence by shortening her time jump or relying on probable advances in medicine that would allow her to exceed her suggested life expectancy of five years after his diagnosis.

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What Happened to Camina Drummer’s Polyamorous Family?


In The extent season 6, episode 5 “Why We Fight”, Drummer appears to be parting ways with the two remaining members of his polyamorous family, Michio and Josep. The two remained on Ceres after Josep lost his arm during their raid of Marco’s supply depots, and left Drummer to engage in the final battle alone. When Drummer walks away from them and says, “I wanted us to build something together” it carries the weight of a goodbye. The extent The Season 6 finale doesn’t reveal if the trio ever reconciles, but the presence of Michio and Josep when Drummer is named president of the transportation union indicates that their relationship is still intact. In light of Drummer’s new role on Medina Station, it’s unclear whether Michio and Josep will stay on Ceres or go with him, but it’s plausible that they could still be together under these new circumstances.

What’s next for Filip?

The Expanse season 6 episode 6 ending by Filip

In The extent season 6 finale, Filip unceremoniously deserted the Pella aboard a repair skiff and changed his last name to “Nagata” after fully realizing the extent of Marco’s manipulation of him. The ending leaves no indication of where he will go next or what he will do, but in The ashes of Babylon, he applied for a job on Callisto after failing to board Marco’s ship before it left the station. Naomi does not know that Filip is alive and it is likely that she will never find out the truth, although at least Filip can choose his own path in life and exist in anonymity.

Will the transport union solve the energy imbalance of the solar system?

The Expanse Season 6 Episode 6 Camina Drummer Transportation Union President

With Drummer as president, the newly created transportation union aims to administer commerce and control traffic through the ring gates. More importantly, it institutes an independent Belter government – something that has never existed before in The extentchronology. Drummer’s stature as the most powerful individual in the universe sets the Belt on the path to economic stability and increased leverage in the power struggle with Earth and Mars. The Transportation Union suggests a future in which the Belters no longer face oppression from the aforementioned planets, although with the ambitious Laconian Empire carefully planning its next steps, only time will tell how long the harmony of the Sol system.

What does the Rocinante crew have in store?

The Expanse season 6

Holden’s resignation from the transport union means he will continue to lead the Roci for the foreseeable future with Naomi, Amos and Clarissa at his side. The apparent addition of Bobbie Draper as the ship’s pilot is a welcome surprise. The solar system may have reached a temporary peace after its time of war, but Holden and Naomi’s final scene proves they still have a lot to do. Holden mentions tackling the protomolecule, maybe securing the freighters, or finding a consulting position at one of the colonies. All of these endeavors are similar for Roci’s crew to undertake in the nearly three decades leading up to the universe’s next major challenge.

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How will the protomolecule shape the future of humanity?

The Expanse protomolecule sample

Although the protomolecule is at the heart of The extent, it was largely sidelined in seasons 5 and 6 in favor of the Free Navy conflict. With the universe’s last protomolecule sample in Laconia’s hands, humanity’s journey with the alien substance promises to take an intriguing turn. Outside of Laconia, the threat of ring entities and the seemingly awakened ancient alien civilization of the Protomolecule Builders remains. The extentis the biggest mystery. It is clear that the protomolecule will not stay out of the picture for long, as it promises to return as a major factor if The extent continues beyond its conclusive Season 6.

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