The best dog beds for 2022

The items on our list are for dog owners – new, existing and planned – who work so hard and want the best for their pets.

Round or square bed
Good round or square beds are a good place for dogs to sleep. Generally, one is not better than the other in all situations. It depends on how your dogs like to sleep and what you observe when they sleep.

Some dogs like to curl up and some like to stretch. Square shaped beds are better for dogs that like to stretch and round ones for dogs that like to curl up. So watch your dogs when they sleep and make up your mind.

We must point out, however, that many dogs frequently adopt both positions at different times. For example, a dog that stretches in sleep may curl up in bed during the day and vice versa. For this reason, many dog ​​owners simply purchase one of each shape.

If you don’t plan to spend that much, be aware that square and rectangular shaped beds are generally more spacious and are ideal for dogs that curl up when sleeping.

Do dogs need a bed?
You’ve seen dogs sleeping on floors, sofas, and cardboard. Also, your dog doesn’t complain when he curls up (or stretches) next to you in bed, so you start to think that dog beds are just another useless product you’ve believed in. need by multi-million dollar capitalist corporations. Well, not quite.

Yes, dogs can share your bed and sleep in all kinds of places, but so can you when you were younger, and sometimes you can too when you work long hours, play a boring TV show, or just decide to do it. . It doesn’t diminish your need and love for your bed every time you sleep in it. It’s similar to what happens with dogs too; they may sleep in other places sometimes, but the dog bed is really where their heart (and their body) is.

Dog beds offer more than just a place to sleep. Good dog beds offer joint protection and support. They keep pups warm, prevent calluses, and the familiarity helps reduce sleep anxiety when traveling together. Additionally, dogs sleep 12-18 hours a day and relax for many more hours. They appreciate a place to relax and with dog beds they get that and more.

Is it worth splurging?
Dog beds are available to suit almost any budget size, and as such, you might be considering getting into dog beds. Paying a little extra for extra comfort and spec is always good as long as you have the budget for it. You should know, however, that many awesome dog beds are affordable and good enough for your pet by any measure.

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