The 10 Best Film Directors of the 21st Century


Since the Millennium Bug failed to outsmart the global computing force, moviegoers have received some terrific films, some of which will forever be hailed as classics, each hosted by teams of talented creatives, and each directed by a director with a vision of a cinematic masterpiece.

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Identifying the best filmmakers is no easy task, when it comes to the greatest directors measurement standards can vary widely, but these visionaries have proven their rare skills time and time again with awards, adoration and , above all, films of the most exceptional quality.

ten Wes Anderson’s movies might just be the most surprisingly unique of all directors

Abandoned dogs of Isle of Dogs on Trash Island

A director whose visual style is quite unmistakable and whose ability to juggle quirky comedy with much more serious subjects is rarely eclipsed by another filmmaker currently in office. Wes Anderson’s films are adored by his legions of fans, and even for those sitting on the fence, they’re nothing but critically acclaimed works of art.

The Grand Hotel Budapest, The island of dogs, and Fantastic Mr. Fox You are the American filmmaker at his best, but turn on any Anderson movie that has been released since 2000 and you will have a great time that is visually engaging, heartwarming, and captivating.

9 Alejandro Iñárritu has many prizes and distinctions

The ghost Tom Hardy

One of the best Mexican filmmakers, Alejandro Iñárritu has delivered his fair share of jaw-dropping psychological thrillers since he established himself as a talent in 2000 with Perros loves. The tastes of 21 grams, Babel, and Biutiful continued to add weight to the director’s name, but the release of Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) put him firmly in the spotlight as a major Hollywood actor.

The ghost then hit screens in 2015 and won Iñárritu an Oscar for Best Director. The Mexican magician also earns points for his role in Leonardo DiCaprio finally getting his statue for his work in the film.

8 Clint Eastwood is awesome, whatever his role on the set.

Clint Eastwood and Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby

A movie icon and undeniable legend in front and behind the camera, Clint Eastwood embarked on a truly remarkable winning streak in the mid-2000s. The Classic the mystical river earned Eastwood his first Oscar nomination for Best Director, and he went on to win the award with his next film, Million dollar baby.

The acclaimed war films Flags of Our Fathers, and Letters from Iwo Jima came next, followed by Changeling and Gran Torino, the latter of which featured one of Eastwood’s best acting performances. Now 91, the former Man with No Name shows no signs of slowing down.

7 Bong Joon-ho has become one of the biggest names in cinema

Murder memories

Creating the very first foreign language film to win the Oscar for Best Picture is no easy task, but South Korean director Bong Joon-ho has made some fantastic films since his masterpiece. Murder memories a stunned public in 2003.

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Bong’s knack for juggling black humor, changing his tone, and exploring social themes is often extraordinary to see, and his demonstration of these skills in 2019 Parasite didn’t just open the door to future international Oscar films, it kicked things off. Cinephiles will be eagerly awaiting this director’s next film.

6 Nobody makes epics like Peter Jackson

Frodo Baggins and the One Ring from the Lord of the Rings

There is simply no way for a movie buff to ignore Peter Jackson’s monumental cinematic achievement. The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Arguably the greatest trio of films to ever make, director Kiwi’s handling of iconic source material, coupled with his ability to create jaw-dropping action sequences, ensured that these films will forever be considered must-see films.

Although not as well received, The Hobbit The series provided further proof of Jackson’s talents, but his experience making documentaries in 2018 resulted in one of the most poignant, heartbreaking, and raw ideas of WWI ever created.They will not age.

5 Asghar Farhadi is the king of raw and heartbreaking drama

A-Separation-asghar farhadi

Perhaps an unknown name to many moviegoers in North America, Asghar Farhadi is a two-time Oscar winner and a master of pure, real drama in cinema. About Elly, A separation, and Seller are the highlights of its critically acclaimed catalog and are each relentless and surprisingly real-life tales focused on human emotion.

The Iranian director’s films are no-frills, dark but brilliant, and offer a glimpse into struggles that almost anyone can relate to, regardless of their background or beliefs.

4 Denis Villeneuve rose through the ranks to become one of the best

screenshot of prisoners from 2013 film

If there is a man of cinema who works today and who seems determined to set his name in stone as best living director, it is Denis Villeneuve. The Quebec filmmaker has shot some of the most impressive and captivating films of recent years, and looks set to continue the trend with Dune part 2.

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By showcasing her exceptional talent with grounded and emotionally heavy stories like Prisoners and Fires, then master the sci-fi genre with Blade Runner 2049, Arrival, and Dune, Villeneuve has proven that he currently has very few equals in the world of cinema.

3 Since 2000, Martin Scorsese has really mastered his job

Considering the incredible longevity of Martin Scorsese’s time as a top-level filmmaker, it’s hard to pinpoint his heyday. The ’70s saw him burst onto the scene with Middle streets, in the 80s, he delivered the masterpiece which is Angry bull, and the ’90s saw the Italian-American director dominate with crime classics like Goodfellas and Casino.

The work of the legendary director has only improved since the turn of the century. The Departed, Shutter Island, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Irish are all exceptional works by a true master of cinema. One of the best to ever do this, Martin Scorsese’s name is still up for discussion whenever it comes to directors over the past 5 decades.

2 Quentin Tarantino has added several masterpieces to his catalog since 2000

Westerns Django Unchained Waltz Foxx Bounty

Although Quentin Tarantino burst onto the scene and changed cinema forever in the 1990s with Tank dogs and pulp Fiction, there’s a solid argument to be made that the enigmatic filmmaker’s best work has come since 2000.

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Django Unchained, Inglorious Basterds, The Hateful Eight, and Once upon a time in hollywood are masterpieces for many moviegoers, and with them Tarantino has raised the level of maturity, ambition and scope of his films while maintaining his distinctive style and charm.

1 Christopher Nolan is arguably the best director working today

Being the king of the Hollywood jungle with the lion’s share of accolades and adoration, Christoper Nolan has managed to exceed expectations in almost every release when it comes to his films. Of incomparable sound Dark Knight Trilogy breathtaking science fiction masterpieces Interstellar and Creation, the British director has shown truly incredible talent in all aspects of filmmaking.

Since Memento put it on the map in 2000, Nolan established himself as an all-time great director with one critically acclaimed success after another. Although the Dunkirk the director has several films in the top 250 of IMDb, he is remarkably one of only 2 filmmakers to have 3 films in the top 25.

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