Study on the Level of Satisfaction of Veterinarians Concerning the Effects of the Mushroom Agaricus blazei, supplement KA21 on Dogs/Cats Malassezia and Dermatophytosis, Toei Shinyaku

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Toei Shinyaku conducted a survey to determine the efficiency and satisfaction level of veterinarians Agaricus blazei KA21 supplement on Malassezia and dermatophytosis, and published the results. The level of satisfaction of veterinarians with the effects of Agaricus blazeithe KA21 strain as a supplement for pets (cat/dog) to treat itching, odor, hair loss, etc. due to mycosis was between 80.6 and 93.1%.

About Agaricus blazei, brasiliensis, subrufescens

Agaricus blazei (also known as Agaricus blazei Murill, A. brasiliensis, A. subrufescens) is a medicinal mushroom. It is popular mainly in Asian countries (especially Japan) as an immune booster ingredient used in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Features of Agaricus blazei as safety and efficacy vary widely by strain, cultivation method, and region of production.

Agaricus KA21 (Common name: King Agaricus)

Agaricus KA21 is Agaricus blazei KA21 strain grown outdoors in Brazil under direct sunlight. Compared to normal Agaricus blazei grown in a dark greenhouse, Agaricus KA21 is large in size, contains an abundance of major ingredients such as beta-glucan and vitamin D, and offers more than five times the level of antioxidant activity. Outdoor cultivation is extremely difficult with low yield, which is why Agaricus KA21 is in short supply. Toei Shinyaku is the only company in the world to sell it.

Toei Shinyaku Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1973, Toei Shinyaku is a Japanese manufacturer specializing in R&D activities, as well as the manufacture and sale of Agaricus KA21. Toei Shinyaku has conducted research on Agaricus KA21 for over 25 years and has presented 32 international papers on his findings; making it the company with the best search results of all Japanese Agaricus blazei manufacturers. Toei Shinyaku discloses evidence supporting their product, Agaricus KA21, on their official homepage. Details include the human clinical trial safety of Agaricus KA21, its ability to boost the immune system, relieve fatigue, improve hair loss and gray hair, and prevent fungal infections. The data also includes the effect of Agaricus KA21 discovered in tests with mice; such as reducing the side effects of cancer drugs, hair growth benefits, and improving wound healing.

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