students meet ‘Tex’ at Engler Park | New


Students attending the Farmington R-7 School District Summer School got special treatment when they visited Engler Park last month and met a new four-legged friend named Tex.

His handler, Madison County Conservation Officer Alan Lamb, showed off the many talents of the two-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer, to the delight of the children who eagerly watched Tex put himself to the test.

Lamb then spoke to the students, offering them information about Tex and how the two got together.

“Tex graduated May 14 from the K-9 program at the Indiana Department of Natural Resources,” he said. “He was appointed law enforcement officer at the Department of Conservation. This is my first dog, and it is actually the first dog program in our department.

“I was one of five handlers selected and we split our breed of dogs into two sport breeds – Labs and German Shorthair Pointers. Just by default I ended up with a pointer. It didn’t really make a difference to me. Some people wanted labs. When we had to select our dogs, we went to designated kennels and we were able to assess and choose them. I just chose Tex.

When asked how he and Tex got along, Lamb said, “I think Tex and I have a really good relationship. He has a youthful enthusiasm that matches my personality very well. He is very energetic, very excited about what he wants to do. So when I come out of my house in the morning and he sees me in uniform, he can’t stand still. He’s just going crazy. He can’t wait to get in the truck and go to work.

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