Small Group Athletes Enter Richland County Rankings


MANSFIELD – The 2020-21 high school athletic season was full of breakout athletes who made names for themselves.

There were also athletes who were looking for a buyout in 2021-2022. These are the types of athletes that dot this edition of the Richland 200. Let’s meet them.

140: Devin Holloway, Crestview

The Crestview Cougars broke their drought at the Firelands Conference Championship thanks to guys like Holloway winning the All-Firelands Conference second team for his efforts. As a junior kicker, Holloway had 55 of 60 point attempts after and had a 25-yard field goal for the Cougars. He finished fourth on the team with 58 points. His kickoff average was 39.7 yards with two touchbacks forcing the opponent to start deep in their own turf and allowing the defense to get creative with their offense. He’s back for his senior season and special teams is one area the Cougars don’t have to worry about.

Ontario's Colton Ramion will have a landmark year in 2021 and looks to be the lifeblood of the Warriors baseball team for the next two seasons.

139: Colten Ramion, Ontario

With the cancellation of the 2020 baseball season, no one knew what to expect when the teams returned to the field. Ontarian Colton Ramion was one of those guys who came out of nowhere and impressed people. Ramion took first in the batting order and held it en route to claim second-team All-Mid-Ohio Athletic Conference honors. He reached 0.314 with 27 hits, 22 runs scored and 18 RBIs. Kid was and will continue to be a stallion on the diamond.

Clear Fork's David Ballinger established himself as one of Richland County's top catchers last season and is set to prove even more in 2022.

138: David Ballinger, transparent fork

There aren’t many guys playing the game as hard as Clear Fork’s David Ballinger. The Colts wide receiver on the baseball field is a washing machine’s nightmare because he always leaves the field in the dirtiest uniform. He won the second-team All-MOAC in 2021 for the Colts as he hit .299 with 23 hits while recording 14 RBIs and 14 RBIs. But what makes Ballinger most impressive is his consistency. He has struck out just six at-bat in 77 batting appearances and has captured 132 2/3 of the 169 innings played this season. Ballinger is that guy.

Ontario's Kyle Walters tossed a great bat in 2021 and brought it back as the Warriors seek another MOAC title in 2022.

137: Kyle Walters, Ontario

Like Ramion, Walters burst onto the baseball scene for the Warriors this season, helping his team win a share of the MOAC title. Walters was an honorable All-MOAC player last season and probably should have been more than that after hitting .321 with 26 hits and having 26 RBIs. He always seemed to come into the clutch with a key hit in a key moment, which is why the Warriors won a share of the league crown. He plays both corner positions in the infield and has one of the best gloves on the team. It will be a luxury in 2022.

Ontario's Kylie Snow has a brighter future for the Warriors softball team than ever.

136: Kylie Snow, Ontario

Speaking of washing machine’s worst nightmares, Kylie Snow is another one of those diamond dirt dogs. The Ontario receiver was just a sophomore last year, but has played well beyond her years. She won the second-team All-Mid-Ohio Athletic Conference in 2021 after reaching 0.368 with 25 hits and 15 RBIs while scoring 19 times. She’s a great left-handed bat in the lineup with plenty of speed for a catcher and will anchor the Warriors for the next two years. You can tell that she has a passion for the game just by watching a game.

Shelby's Mallary Gundrum had a huge 2021 season that saw her win the second-team All-MOAC.

135: Mallary Gundrum, Shelby

Another player who has a passion for softball is Mallary Gundrum of Shelby. In 2021, Gundrum won second-team All-MOAC despite batting 0.427 with 28 RBIs and 29 runs scored with a record six home runs. Looks like the numbers indicate she deserved a place in the first team, but hopefully that will only kindle a fire in Gundrum for next season. The great thing about Gundrum is that when you get to the stadium you can’t tell which player she is until she walks over to the plate. She goes about her business quietly on the diamond and lets her talk.

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134: Ethan Peebles, Lexington

As a junior, Peebles took ninth place in Division I Amherst Regional in the 800 and 4×800 relay, finalist in Findlay District in the 4×800 relay, third in Districts in 800 and was part of the champion 4×800 relay team in the ‘Ohio Cardinal Conference. He won second-team All-Mansfield News Journal honors for his efforts. He also finished 26th in the regional cross country competition with a time of 17: 16.6, so he is expected for a huge senior year.

133: Landon Smith, clear fork

Smith had an injury-plagued wrestling season in 2020-21 that kept him out of the MOAC tournament and kept him out of the section tournament early. In 2019-2020, Jon Spencer named him the region’s best 220-pound wrestler, which shows just how talented this kid can be when in good health. He’s back for the 2021-22 season and will be hungry to put this tough year behind him and get back to form, which is great news for the Colts who have won the first league championship in program history this year. year. With guys like Smith back, this could be a dynasty in the making.

Lainey Kathrein of Lexington is hoping to see his final year end with a birdie at the state tournament.

132: Lainey Kathrein, Lexington

Katherin is another athlete seeking redemption in 2021. As a junior, she finished tied for 16th in the Division I District Golf Tournament with a 44-47-91 missing a chance to participate in the. state tournament. A golfer who has an ace on a Par 4, Kethrein has likely been on the sun-to-sunset course this summer to prepare for her final year which will hopefully end with a state tournament berth.

Morgan Welch of Crestview is just one of the few Richland County athletes to compete at the state level in two different sports.

131: Morgan Welch, Crestview

Welch has had one of the best track seasons of any Richland County athlete. She finished 15th in the Division III track and field competition in the 1,600-meter race with a time of 5: 23.79. She was the Firelands Conference champion in the 800, 1600 and 4×800 relays. For her efforts, she was named the All-Mansfield News Journal First Team. A 1600 school record holder, Welch is ready for bigger and better things in 2021-2022. She also finished 73rd in the Division III State cross country competition with a time of 20: 26.0, so she is one of a handful of Richland County athletes who have competed in the State in two sports.

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