Sheffield News: Stolen and ‘trained to fight’ dog reunited with owner after months | United Kingdom | News

Sniper, a five-month-old XL Bully, disappeared from his owner’s garden in Darnall in the early hours of December 12. It is believed that Sniper was robbed and trained to fight. But now his owner Foyzul Miah has revealed his beloved dog has come back into his life.

He wrote on Facebook: “Sniper is now home and back in my arms.”

Mr Miah did not say how the meeting went as it is currently under police investigation.

But the dog is believed to have been recovered from a local neighborhood on January 31.

Although Sniper returned to his owner, the dog was “traumatized and underweight”.

This would have been confirmed by the veterinarians who treated him.

The Facebook post continued: The post read: “He has many scars on his body which leads us to believe he was unfortunately taught to fight.

“We are busy gathering all of our information, including a vet’s report to hand over to the police.

“We hope charges will be laid and we are pushing for an arrest.

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Despite these laws, the barbaric practice continues, involving different breeds of dogs and taking part not only in major cities but also in other regions.

The Animal Welfare Act 1911 was specific in prohibiting “the fighting or baiting of animals”.

Between 2015 and 2020, the RSPCA received over 9,000 reports of organized dogfights in the UK.

In rural areas, fights often take place in barns or outdoor pits; in urban areas, fights can take place in garages, basements, warehouses, abandoned buildings, alleys, neighborhood playgrounds, or on the streets.

The sadistic practice typically lasts until a dog is declared the winner, which occurs when a dog fails to scratch, dies, or jumps out of the pit.

Sometimes dogfights end without declaring a winner; for example, the dog’s owner can call the fight.

Dogfighting generates revenue through riding fees, admission fees, and gambling.

Most countries have banned dog fighting, but it is still legal in some countries like Japan, parts of Russia, and Albania.

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