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Biarra Valley Royal (P), offered by Biarra Valley stud Gareth Laycock, sold for $36,000 at the 2021 Clay Gully Simmental bull sale to Bill Geddes, with auctioneer Michael Smith, Elders.

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A selection of 104 high performance mostly polled bulls have been cataloged for the 8th Annual Clay Gully Simmental Bull Sale to be held at CQLX, Gracemere, Queensland on Monday August 29 from 11am.

The combined draft sale of 76 Traditional Simmentals, eight Black Simmentals and 20 Simbrahs will primarily feature bulls from the Laycock family’s Clay Gully, Biarra Valley and Brisbane Valley stud farms.

“We will also have two guest vendors, who we believe have a similar bull breeding philosophy to ours, in Craig and Trudy Hampson, Springfield Simmentals, and new vendors, James and Emily Cochrane, Kendall Park Simmentals,” said sales coordinator Gareth Laycock. .

The main selection for Laycocks centered on gentle, easy-going, well-muscled bulls with good bone, a sleek tropical coat type and excellent temperament.

“We also chose bulls that could walk, go out and cover the country,” he said.

Mr Laycock said the 2022 sales team is strongly represented by the first sons of new sire Jarravale Nevada.

“These are real meat machines, super thick and powerful with excellent carcasses.

“There are also sons of top bulls in Clay Gully Limited Edition and Lavarta Last Man Standing leaving their mark on our herd. As well as your latest opportunity to obtain sons from the famous Bokara Freightliner.”

The Laycocks pride themselves on building relationships with their customers.

“This is evident from the same customers who have been buying our bulls for almost 50 years.”

Mr Laycock said Clay Gully bulls are renowned for their tenacity and ability to do all of Queensland.

“In 2021 we sold a lot of bulls west of Rockhampton, many going to Alpha, Jericho and up to Aramac. We also have a strong customer base in Clermont, Charters Towers, and up to Sarina and Mackay, and south of Rocky down the coast because our bulls were born in a similar country and born and bred in ticks and lantanas.”

The 2021 sales result was very strong and reflected in the current cattle market. A total of 48 traditional and black Simmentals and 11 Simbrah bulls were offered and sold at $796,000 gross for a strong average of $13,492. In another breakdown, 11 Simbrahs topped out at $13,000, an average of $10,000, and grossed $110,000, while all 49 Simmentals fetched $36,000 and an average of $14,292.

“In 2022, we increased the number of bulls with the aim of bringing back our wholesale buyers. I hope everyone can buy a bull.”

He said Unlike other Simmental sales in the region, Clay Gull sales sires are 100% born and bred in Queensland.

“All bulls are groomed in large paddocks of rolling pasture and have access to a grain ration for the final part of their grooming as well as good quality hay and silage.

“The bulls are groomed in large groups and are made to walk and certainly not ‘lot fed’. We believe this is key to the longevity of our bulls, which is aided by the fact that they are born and bred in the ticky, lantana, forest country of Qld, which led to them being bred to survive anything thrown at them. Sales bulls were worked with bikes, dogs and horses.

“Furthermore, the weather conditions leading up to the 2022 selloff have been unreal with widespread rainfall across Qld.”

Those unable to attend the auction in person can bid online through the StockLive auction platform.

Bulls will be available for inspection at Gracemere during a bull run on Sunday, August 28 from 2 p.m. or property inspection are welcome any time before the sale by appointment.

The catalog of the sale will be available on the Clay Gully website from mid-July. Hard copies will be sent to all previous purchasers and will also be available from the Elders sales agent and GDL.

For pre-sale inquiries please contact sales agents Michael Smith at Elders and Bill Beck at GDL or Gareth Laycock on 0430 719 991

This is branded content for Clay Gully Simmentals

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