See the Fastest Pulling Dogs, Sunday (3/6) at Red Lodge, MT

Some dogs are real shooters. Even these little dogs can be surprisingly strong when they spot a squirrel (or a random imaginary cat, dog, bird, thing) on ​​a walk. You try not to let yourself be tugged at, let go of the leash, or your arm pulled out of its grip. Every dog ​​owner has been there. If your pup is a puller, bring him to Red Lodge on Sunday (3/6) for fame and fortune at the Monster Dog Pull.

Red Lodge Ales, used with permission

Red Lodge Ales, used with permission

Most people in Montana probably attended a tractor or truck draw. Motorsport originated in farming communities in Midwestern Ohio and Missouri in the late 1920s, according to OutlawPulling.combut its roots sprouted from farmers with horses, vying for bragging rights over who had the most powerful horse.

Check out the Monster Dog Pull, Sunday 3/6 at Red Lodge.

This family-friendly, dog-encouraged event is loosely based on the original form of pulling competitions, but instead of horses or 10,000 horsepower diesel tractors, dogs are the star of the show.

Red Lodge Ales, used with permission

Red Lodge Ales, used with permission

Sunday lunch at Red Lodge Ales.

Like all good Western showdowns, the event starts at noon. You can’t miss the brewery and restaurant on the right side of the road when driving into town. The dogs will compete for the fastest time, pulling a barrel in a plastic sled down the track. The annual event is open to well-behaved dogs in various weight classes.

Spend a Funday Sunday at Red Lodge.

Registrations are limited and will likely fill up quickly. REGISTER HERE. The entry fee is $5 and there is a limit of 10 dogs per weight class. Walk-in entry begins at 10 a.m. on 3/6 and the Monster Dog Pull begins at noon. Contact Red Lodge Ales for more information at 406-446-4607.

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