RSPCA rescues pregnant dog and puppies from Basildon

A PREGNANT spaniel who had been used for breeding for years was abandoned on a street just hours before she gave birth to a litter of puppies.

Cassie, believed to be over eight years old, had been found abandoned in Basildon.

Just hours after being rescued, she gave birth to eight puppies, but two unfortunately did not survive.

Due to Cassie being used as a breeding female dog for so many years, her broken body could not provide the puppies with milk – and they are now hand raised.

Branch staff made the difficult decision to separate Cassie from her puppies a few days later because she had thickened, itchy skin that caused her to bite and scratch.

Cassie is nearly blind in one eye and her belly was almost touching the ground after being lifted so many times.

Kathy Butler, Basildon branch manager, said: “We sought advice from our vet and unfortunately the best option for the puppies and also for Cassie was for her to be separated from them. The puppies simply wouldn’t have survived otherwise.


“Luckily, a member of staff at a nearby branch took on the task of hand-feeding these puppies – who are now just over two weeks old.

“Cassie was beside herself without the puppies, losing them wasn’t easy for her, but it meant we could look after her and it was the only answer to help all those beautiful dogs.

The branch is now looking for an adopter as it continues its recovery.

Kathy added: ‘We need to find her adopter who is local to us – as she will need ongoing veterinary treatment for her skin.

“She’s such a wonderful, sweet girl that it’s heartbreaking to see her in such a broken state.

“We hope there is someone in the local community who could adopt her and help her recover from her ordeal, so that one day she can have the perfect family home she truly deserves.”

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