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Bella, seated on the bench, and Titus Andronicus, seated below, hang out in a catio, or outdoor cat patio, created by their owner in his downtown home.

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Question: I just spent my first summer here. The thunderstorms scared my dog ​​to the point that he hid in the closet for hours. What can I give him to make him feel safe?

Reply: Sometimes our pets need to be alone. A thunderstorm, fireworks, new people, or just plain discomfort can cause them to seek space away from the raving crowds.

If you have a spare bedroom, create a “catopy” or a “dogtopia”. Provide them with space in a quiet part of your house that is not too far away from where you can keep an eye on them. Be Chewy ( offers suggestions for crates, corners, forts and rooms. Some look so comfortable you might want to move in.

Whatever space is provided, be sure to include bedding, food, water and a litter box (for cats), pee pads (for dogs) in the space secured. If she is new to your home, items from her previous space, such as a blanket, scraper, or toys that will add to her sense of security.

Question: I would love to let my cats enjoy the outdoors, but I’m afraid they’ll run away or be attacked by wildlife. No suggestion?

A: Many cats yearn to get outside to get some fresh air and get a close view of the birds. Go ahead and let her out. . . in a catio.

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