Roanna is a real daisy as she can headline by two lengths

THE KANASEF Unraced Final was decided at the Enniscorthy Greyhound Track on Sunday.

And despite the bad weather, owners Adrian Maher and Robbie O’Neill of Co. Kildare were singing in the rain as their charge Roanna Daisy put in a fine run.

She fought back after leading before being passed in the lower corners, but came back to score well in the end, beating Antigua Grumpy by two lengths. Rays Boy did well to finish third after a late start. The winning time was 29.04 -0.20 slow.

Wicklow owners John Simpson and John Kavanagh have been enjoying a strong winning streak lately at Enniscorthy, and they continued their momentum last week with a winner on both nights.

They started race six on Monday with Donishall Pat riding an outstanding race to get up to win. Trailing last in the opening corner, Donishall was then checked not once but twice by the second corner and was well out of action by this point.

Trap four runner Lord Tell Me went ahead and looked home for all the money, only for Donishall to come from the clouds to storm the outside and get up to score with a neck of the first in a time of 29.75 -0.20 slow.

On Thursday, Simpson and Cherry Hinton of Kavanagh won the second race and this one also showed great determination.

She had to execute a strong opening turn on the inside to hold her position and as she headed into turn three she held her ground well on the inside again to gain control and pull out a clear winner at the end to complete another good week.

Owners John White and Tom Lambert and their trainer Joe Anglim enjoyed a nice double on the Thursday card.

Granard Thunder set the standard on the night, taking a clear three and a half length victory in race three in a fast 28.96 -0.20 slow, and things improved in race eight when No Filter completed the double.

Well out of his trap three draw, he led in the back and the handsome 77-pounder galloped to the line to hold off runner-up Snug Enough by a length and a half in a nice 29.19 -0.20 slow .

It was bad luck for Co. Wexford runners Ballinabola Evie and Ballinabola Ruby at Shelbourne Park in the Oaks as both failed to advance to the semi-finals.

However, both ladies did their owners proud nonetheless as Ruby won a round in a good time and Evie just missed winning a round, always a good thing to have on a resume as future brood prospects.


First race, Welcome to the Enniscorthy track, A3, 525: 1, Seagrave Oscar (owner, Paula Dempsey, Enniscorthy), 28.96; 2, Dolls on fire, 29.24.

Race 2, Find us and follow us on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), A8/10, 525: 1, Seamount Blue (owner, Eoin Mullins, Gorey), 29.50; 2, Lorenzo Gold and Carrigoe Roxi, 29.92.

Race 3, Kanasef Unraced semi-final, ON2/ON3, 525: 1, Antigua Grumpy (owner, Amanda Jeal, Exeter; trainer, Garry Dempsey, Enniscorthy), 28.95; 2, Best of China, 29.09; 3, Dream of Roanna, 29.44.

Fourth race, semi-final Kanasef Unraced, ON2/ON3, 525: 1, Rays Boy (owner, Maria Leacy, Enniscorthy; trainer, Patrick Whelan, Enniscorthy), 28.81; 2, Longslip Roger, 28.88; 3, Roanna Daisy, 28.93.

Fifth race, fundraising dates for 2022 are available, please contact the office, A7, 525: 1, Tomahurra Ruffle (owner, Oisín Kehoe; trainer, Donal Kehoe), 29.24; 2, Milltown legend, 29.29.

Sixth breed, Greyhounds are excellent pets, A6, 525: 1, Donishall Pat (owners, John Simpson and John Kavanagh, Co. Wicklow), 29.55; 2, Lord tell me, 29.57.

Race seven, #thisrunsdeep, A5, 525: 1, Brynoffa Spice (owner, Margaret Cullen, New Ross), 29.39; 2, Coach Jazz, 29.49.

Race eight, Good night and safe journey home, A3, 575: 1, Harriestown King (owners, Matthew Fanning and James Colfer, Co. Wexford), 31.47; 2, Bunlane Jumbo, 31.64.


First race, Welcome to the Enniscorthy track, A1, 525: 1, Kiltrea Brandy (owner, John Doyle, Kiltrea, Enniscorthy), 28.84; 2, Greymore Gale, 29.05.

Race 2, Find us and follow us on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), A8, 525: 1, Cherry Hinton (owners, John Simpson and John Kavanagh, Co. Wicklow), 29.68; 2, Pascali Rose, 30.10.

Race three, Bet on the Tote, A2: 1, Granard Thunder (owners, John White and Tom Lambert; trainer, Joe Anglim, Ballymitty), 28.76; 2, Ballybreen Storm, 29:00.

Race 4, Greyhounds are excellent pets, A6, 525: 1, St. Moling Lady (owners, Mark Jeffers and Mark Malone, Wexford; trainer, Nick Turner, Barntown), 29.61; 2, Nametab Saladin, 29.71.

Fifth race, Race on Sunday June 5 at 7:00 p.m., A5, 525: 1, Clunanna Cooper (owner, George Roche, Barntown), 29.31; 2, light stroke, 29.34.

Sixth run, #thisrunsdeep, A5, 525: 1, Packing Bullets (owner, Daniel Frayne, town of Wexford), 29.05; 2, Dalcash Dotcom, 29.19.

Seventh race, All practice must be booked through the office, A4, 525: 1, No Filter (owners, John White and Tom Lambert, Ballymitty; trainer, Joe Anglim), 28.99; 2, Swift Vanilla, 29.09.

Eighth race, Good night and safe journey home, A5/6, 575: 1, Icepop Eileen (owner, David O’Brien, Enniscorthy), 32.23; 2, Kerabellec Lil, 32.30.


First race, Cushie Jet to Stud, A1, 525: 1, Elite Crystal (owners, Somemothersdohaveem Syndicate; trainer, Myles Roban, Enniscorthy), 28.67; 2, Brother Joe, 28.77.

Race two, Welcome to Enniscorthy Track, A6, 525: 1, Bog Cush Emma (owner, Tony Power, Waterford), 29.51; 2, Kozy Shanks, 29.56.

Race three, Find us and follow us on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), A2, 525: 1, Seagrave Oscar (owner, Paula Dempsey, Enniscorthy), 28.72; 2, Out The Way, 28.82.

Race four, greyhounds make great pets, female dog breed, A3: 1, Rains Annabell (owners, Noel and Ben Freeman, Enniscorthy), 29.02; 2, Mikeys Central, 29.61.

Race five, Race every Monday and Thursday for summer months, A3, 525: 1, Coolnaboy Bob (owner, Seán Dempsey, Enniscorthy), 28.99; 2, Rusty Jem, 29.13.

Sixth race, book your dog fundraising party, A4, 525: 1, Tomahurra Field (coach, Donal Kehoe, Enniscorthy), 29.15; 2, Monagate, 29.18.

Race seven, Kanasef Unraced final, ON2/ON3, 525: 1, Roanna Daisy (owners, Adrian Maher and Robbie O’Neill, Co. Kildare), 28.84; 2, Antigua Grumpy, 28.98; 3, Rays Boy, 29.05.

Race eight, #thisrunsdeep, A4, 525: 1, Dano plane (owner, Daniel Frayne, town of Wexford), 28.92; 2, Rocket Murphys, 29.09.

Race nine, Good night and safe journey home, A2/3, 575: 1, Monbeg Zinzan (owner, Eamonn Doyle, Enniscorthy); 2, Léa Almighty.

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