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Ramsgate Sea Garden Volunteers with Mayor Rashaun Ara

Ramsgate Seagarden

Ramsgate Sea Garden (RSG) and its volunteers were delighted to welcome Ramsgate Mayor Raushan Ara to their regular Thursday meeting on March 3rd. The visit was arranged to support the group’s garbage collection activities and to provide them with much needed garbage collection equipment.

After touring the site and learning about the group’s forthcoming aspirations and plans for the Sea Garden, the Mayor pledged her full support to the newly formed group and ensured lively discussions on how she could support Ramsgate Sea Garden.

Cllr Ara said: “Last Thursday I was delighted to visit the Ramsgate Sea Garden at East Cliff. A big thank you to all the volunteers who took the time to transform a piece of wasteland into a stunning sea garden. It is my great pleasure to have donated waste collectors, gloves and bags to the volunteers and to hand over the equipment and spend some time helping. Ramsgate has the only Sea Garden in Thanet for everyone to enjoy”.

In September 2021, several locals began tackling the overgrown, neglected site. After contacting the garden’s creator, Ruth Cutler, everyone involved began restoring the original flint spiral and rejuvenating the garden and surrounding area.

The group actively seeks support from the community. We meet on Thursday mornings from 9.30am to 11am (weather permitting) but we also hope for assistance in ‘non-handy’ areas, for example: tool/machine lending/administrative support/fundraising/sponsorship/public relations etc.

The objectives of Ramsgate Sea Garden are:

  • Restoration and regeneration of the existing Sea Garden on the East Cliff Promenade in Ramsgate. To improve facilities and create a safer, friendlier place for all people to use.
  • Encourage individual and group expression through the environment, the arts (music, dance, theatre, visual arts).
  • Reduce social isolation among residents and encourage social interaction of our community.
  • Educate members and the community about the positive impacts on human health and wellbeing that marine and coastal landscapes provide.
  • Work with local authorities, agencies and other organizations to cultivate the Sea Garden and immediate shoreline through environmentally and aesthetically sensitive programs.

Plans for the coming months and The Queens Platinum Jubilee Celebration are currently in the planning phase, please stay tuned for further announcements

Find us on our Facebook page: Ramsgate Sea Garden Group

Email us: [email protected]

Or stop by and speak to a volunteer at the Sea Garden site on the East Lower Cliff every Thursday morning (weather permitting).

Lipedema awareness and fundraiser

Photo by Frank Leppard

Thanet resident Ingrid Payne has been raising awareness and raising funds for surgery for a condition called lipedema, a disease of fatty tissue that affects 11% of women around the world.

Unfortunately the treatment is not being covered by the NHS and Ingrid has traveled to Germany due to the lockdown and has had 3 surgeries so far, her next is in May and she still has to raise a further £3,000 to cover the costs.

“I don’t like begging and have been arranging various events over the past 3 years where people can come and enjoy themselves and get value for their money in return! So far I’ve hosted Thanet’s Got Talent, Psychic & Craft Fairs, Online Bingo & Raffles, Quiz Nights, Bingo Nights and Nightclubs.

Photo by Frank Leppard

“I ran out of ideas until I saw The Surstomming Challenge (Swedish fermented herring), which is said to be the stinkiest food in the world. I know watching people choke isn’t for everyone, but it’s made money and that’s what it’s about. I did the challenge myself along with three brave challengers.

“I hope the video goes viral in hopes of more money trickling in! I want to say thank you for the support from friends and local businesses who have sponsored and helped me by sharing my posts.”

Photo by Frank Leppard

Ingrid’s next event is on March 25th at Margate FC and will be a quiz/bingo night and she is also planning a magician/mentalist night in April

Tag Animal Rescue

Tag Pet Rescue Sanctuary in Thanet quickly stockpiled dog food, collars, leashes, dog beds and harnesses to go to Ukraine after a request was made by Todd from Mr Paws & Claws who collects for a dog group in Ukraine.

Dog walkers, friends and locals have all been very generous in a short space of time, including a colleague from London who sent beautiful dog blankets. Contact Todd on 07564051854 for more information

Kent Community Foundation

As part of the Power of Women (POW) Festival 2022, primary school aged children are invited to celebrate International Women’s Day by drawing a woman who inspires them. Third graders and up are invited to choose a woman who is inspirational to draw in an initiative called the Inspiring Windows Drawing Challenge. From the resulting images, POW selects twelve drawings to be exhibited publicly on the Turner Contemporary Terrace.

Each March, POW curates a festival that includes workshops, exhibitions, performances, music, comedy, film, panel discussions, theater and dance, both in person and online, for local and global audiences. The Kent Community Foundation awarded POW a £3,045 grant to support an artist in running workshops for children in five Thanet primary schools for their Inspiring Windows Drawing Challenge.

Danielle Sharma, POW Thanet, said: “The Inspiring Windows Drawing Challenge received such positive feedback in 2021 that we knew there was a real appetite for this type of collaboration with local schools. Our artist has been working with children throughout February and we have some fantastic images and some very inspiring women to choose from for the 12 images to be displayed on the terrace at Turner Contemporary in Margate.”

Josephine McCartney, Executive Director of the Kent Community Foundation said: “The five primary schools selected for this POW project are located in the most disadvantaged areas of Thanet, where children affected by significant socio-economic disadvantage are otherwise likely to be would not engage in local culture activities. We particularly appreciated that POW had an ongoing relationship with these schools as part of their commitment to making the arts accessible to all in Thanet and were delighted to award them funding for this project.”

To find out more about Kent Community Foundation funding, call 01303 814500 or visit us www.kentcf.org.uk

Free Family Party Fit Club

This is a great opportunity, you can come and find out more about our Holiday Fit Camps and get on the advance booking list as our places fill up very quickly.

We have a party hiit class taught by Tasha, a fun aerobics class with music that will get your kids jumping and you burning calories.

You can see a bit of it in action with some younger kids in this video, but it’s really a lot of fun when you’re a grown-up too!:


Then Leon Williams will join us for games and a musical journey from 70’s disco to breakdance to limbo.

Adults can join in or watch and have fun while your kids are having fun!

And we have complimentary food from our amazing chefs at Our Kitchen.

Come and taste the home-made, locally sourced food served to your children and help prepare it at camp.

All you have to do is fill out one form per ticket below


It takes place at Silvers, 59 High Street, Margate, CT9 1DX and is funded by Reconnect Kent

Housing assistance for rent or mortgages

A scheme to prevent pandemic homelessness in the case of rent or mortgage arrears has been extended.

In 2021, every local council in Kent received a £175,000 government grant to help those at risk of homelessness due to arrears. The deadline to apply for support has been set for the end of March, but local authorities now have until June 30, 2022 to distribute the funds.

The Kent Housing Group, a forum for housing associations in Kent and Medway, has made a successful offer to Kent County Council for a total of £2.5m from the Government’s Contain Outbreak Management Fund (COMF).

Sharon Williams, Chair of Kent Housing Group, said: “There has obviously been a lot of uncertainty during the pandemic, particularly around employment. People who have lost vacation, short-time work or their job entirely could easily be behind on their rent or mortgage, which is what this financing is for.

“We need to intervene before eviction is the only option, so the sooner those struggling come forward, the better.” While we all hope the worst of the pandemic is over, it is important that we prevent Covid outbreaks that are fueled by unsafe and temporary housing conditions.

“Housing specialists from the municipalities support and advise tenants, landlords and owner-occupiers all year round, so it is worth getting in touch with you in every situation.”

For more information and contact details for housing specialists at your local authority go to www.supportforkentlandlords.co.uk.

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