Rakshit Shetty’s tearful canine drama steals your heart

Kiranraj K’s 777 Charlie makes you feel emotions you haven’t felt in a while and honestly, it’s a good feeling.

The way she looks at Dharma with those big loving eyes will definitely melt your heart. She is all heart and she wants to love him unconditionally and expects nothing in return. It’s the best relationship anyone could ever dream of having and when Charlie enters the solitary life of Dharma, he doesn’t know how much his life will change. Or how much it will change.

If you think Charlie is human, well, you’re forgiven. He is a dog that is better than most humans. The film 777 Charlie revolves around it but teaches you more life lessons than you care to admit. Director K Kiranraj, who wrote and directed this story, focuses on the relationship between Charlie, a Labrador retriever, and Dharma, an introvert and loner, tried out by Kannada actor Rakshit Shetty.

As a dog lover, I know how energetic, playful and naughty dogs can be and Charlie is maybe a hundred times more so. When Dharma – who barely interacts with humans let alone dogs – agrees to babysit Charlie, he doesn’t realize his life is about to change. Her mess of a house becomes his playground and she goes on a rampage, forcing him to come home early from his job at the factory and spend more time with her. And that’s when the relationship between the two takes a turn for now Dharma has found someone to love with all his life. Dharma is ready to go to the ends of the earth for her when he discovers that she is having a health crisis.

777 Charlie is a moving film about two beings – a dog and a human – who embark on a journey of life together and become inseparable. The warm and emotional 165-minute drama is also filled with laughs, but it’s Charlie who is the queen of this film. She gave a better performance than most actors and without her this movie wouldn’t be what it is. His trainer Pramod BC deserves a lot of praise for his work. Rakshit Shetty is perfect as Dharma and tries out his character beautifully as the film progresses.

Sangeetha Sringeri plays an animal activist while Danish Sait is a journalist. Raj B Shetty is a veterinarian and Tamil actor Bobby Simha plays the owner of a stud farm. All provide strong support for protagonists Charlie and Dharma, but it’s our sweet dog that this film truly belongs to. Rakshit Shetty co-produced this movie with GS Gupta and for good reason too. The Kannada actor, who wanted to try out a new role in his career, paved the way for more emotional dramas involving pets and not just using them as screen distractions and cute toys.

Director Kiranraj K has written a story that touches your heart and makes you feel emotions you haven’t felt in a while and that’s a good feeling. But the film is not without flaws. It’s a bit slow and the road trip that Charlie and Dharma continue seems to meander a little too much before reaching their destination. The director may have tried a little too hard to pull the emotional strings and it gets a little tiresome. 777 Charliee is a tearful at the end of the day.

By the end of the movie, you’ll become a dog lover if you’re not one. The other advice I think this movie gives everyone is to adopt pets, don’t shop. The bottom line is that Charlie saves Dharma and I think we all need a Charlie in our lives to help us grow and become better people. Don’t miss this little gem of a movie!

Rating: 3.5/5

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