Puppy scams on the rise in Michigan


Since the start of the pandemic, puppy scams have been on the rise across Michigan and continue to be a problem for Michiganders.

When buying a new puppy, some breeds can be very expensive depending on where you buy your puppy from. Many people look to other sources to get the puppy they want in order to save money.

Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there trying to take advantage of those who want a new puppy and a lot of these poor people are pretty good at what they do.

According to FOX 17, in the past six months alone, Michigan residents have reported 48 puppy scams to the Better Business Bureau, and those scams have resulted in losses of nearly $ 67,000. I did the math, it’s almost $ 1400 per puppy.

It is very easy for people to go online, make a fake website using photos from the internet to create a really good storefront. There are also a lot of people who place ads in the newspaper, put ads on Craigslist, or use social media to grapple with suspicions of new puppy owners.

FOX 17 reports that Hollie Kotwicki from White Lake Township visited one of these fake sites in September on MyTeaCupChihuahuaPuppies.com. Kotwicki not only bought one puppy, she also picked two more.

The website looked legitimate in offering puppies registered by the American Kennel Club, vet verified, and sourced from a trusted breeder. Kotwicki even spoke with the alleged breeder and shared several dozen texts. Seems legit.

Kotwicki made a deposit using the Zelle cash app, which should have been a red flag there. It wasn’t until Kotwicki was told by his bank that they stopped the second payment warning him that it was a fraudulent account.

The people who run these fake operations are hard to find because they can hide so well on the internet, it makes them almost impossible to locate, and they could be anywhere in the world.

The people who run the website still have all three puppies on the list, and oddly enough, they’re still 10 weeks old, which means the alleged puppy dealer has already moved on to his next brand.

It is almost impossible to get this money back by falling for one of these scams. So it is best when you want a new puppy to really research who you are getting these dogs from. It’s even better to have a dog go through a reputable breeder who you know others have had their puppies with.

There are many breeders throughout the state of Michigan who can get you just about any dog ​​you like. So, don’t let your heart stop you from making the right decision when making an investment like this.

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