Pug Picky Eater falls in love after being featured on US-based page

photo of a pug from Pixabay

An adorable dog in the Philippines has won fans overseas after a video of him was featured by a US-based publication.

NowThisNewsa New York-based outlet, posted a video of a pug named Goku on its Facebook page on March 6.

Goku is owned by a Filipino fur daddy named Dionisio Daligdig.

“He’s so spoiled and maybe he thinks he’s human and needs to be spoon fed,” Daligdig quipped on the post.

In the video, Daligdig’s voice could be heard trying to trick Goku into eating on his own.

The pug, however, refused to eat and just stared at the food.

“Ayaw mo kainin? Hindi with pleasure? Ah, gusto mong susubuan?” Daligdig said.

The video has garnered 366,000 views, 8,400 reactions, 1,100 comments and 1,200 shares.

Reactions were also positive, 4,800 were laughing emojis, 1,900 were heart emojis, 1,699 were likes and 167 were care emojis.

Because the video doesn’t have an English translation, some furry parents had various interpretations of Goku’s eating habits.

Some find the dog cute and adorable.

“They are so adorable and like children,” a user commented with love emoji and GIF.

“What a cultured dog…” another commented with heart eyes emoji.

“Teach him to hold that spoon. So cute,” said another online user.

Others claimed that Goku was spoiled and commented on spoon feeding.

“Is that cute? Maybe once. But spoon-feeding a dog twice a day feels more like the dog trained you…” commented a user.

“It’s a human problem, not a dog problem. Pugs are one of the craziest food dogs I have ever met. They love food,” a Facebook user noted.

“That’s wrong, imagine something happens to the owner, so what? This dog has to eat on its own,” another Facebook user commented.

Others felt sorry for the pug. They said he might have breathing problems when he ate from the bowl.

“It’s probably because he’s having trouble breathing when he turns down to eat the food from the bowl,” one Facebook user said. noted.

“He probably has trouble breathing when he eats,” another Facebook user noted.

Others shared that their own pugs would have already eaten the food.

“My pug would have inhaled that whole bowl in about 0.06743 seconds,” said one Facebook user. commented with laughing emojis.

According to the American Kernel Club, a dog breed reference site, Pugs are characterized by their small but muscular stature.

Pugs also normally eat a lot and are prone to obesity.

“Pugs live to eat and are prone to obesity, so watch your dog’s calorie consumption and weight,” the website bed.

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