Pug Café raises funds for dogs in need

(Photo credit: Noel Hendrickson/Getty Images)

Imagine being able to enjoy delicious coffee while hanging out with Pugs and raising money for charity. Is there a better way to spend an hour?

Now to CuppaPug in London, this may be a reality.

CuppaPug is located in Haggerston in East London and opened in June. There are six resident pugs, ages one to six, and the owners of the cafe also raise money for a pug charity.

A coffee and a pug

Owners Aaron Carty and Matt Pieterse have partnered with the National Pug Protection Trust, who often visit Pugs in need of adoption, and have even adopted Pugs from the organization themselves. Two-year-old Beau is the latest addition to the cafe and he comes from the Trust.

Visitors to the Pug Cafe can bring their own pugs and can book slots at the cafe, where they are invited to eat, drink and hang out with the resident pooches, while raising funds.

“We recognize that Pugs are a desirable breed and have made it our mission to educate our customers and followers on what it takes to care for Pugs,” the owners state on the CuppaPug website. “We work with the National Pug Protection Trust to raise funds for the rescues, medical care, promotion and adoption of pugs looking for their forever homes.”

“Our mission is to inspire customers to foster and adopt instead of buying puppies. Customers can apply with us to foster and adopt. We recognize breeding and amplify a message of responsible breeding.

What to Know When Getting a Pug

Pugs are cute and can make great pets, but if you’re thinking of bringing one into your own life, there’s things to consider.

They are a brachycephalic breed – this means they have short muzzles and flat faces, as well as narrow nostrils and airways. They often also have an elongated soft palate, which can block the entrance to the trachea. This is why we will often hear pugs breathing noisily.

Pugs are at risk of overheating, so they may find it more difficult in hot climates or when they exercise too much. Access to water is important, as is avoiding walking your pug during the hottest hours of the day.

If you have any concerns about your pug’s breathing, you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

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