Penn State’s Best of Your Pets

Last week we asked to see your college coolest pets. It’s safe to say you delivered.

Whether they live in homes that allow critters or are kept secret from owners, these pets have found a place in the hearts of many Penn Staters. From adorable dogs to a three-legged cat to a turtle, there are pretty one cool pets living at State College.

This 10 week old yellow lab is Nittany! Nittany attended her first Penn State football game this season and was greeted by many people who couldn’t pass her by without saying hello. How could you not?

It’s Knox. Knox goes back and forth between State College and his hometown because he’s a “stallion” and helps his owner with “booty calls”. If you need a winger, Knox is your man!

Ollie is a three-legged cat who grew up on the streets of Irvington, New York. His disability didn’t slow him down, as he learned to clean himself by standing on his two hind legs only.

This cool cat is Louis, and he is able to climb to the top of a sliding door using only his paws. We wonder if Louis could climb a tree and catch an infamous Penn State squirrel…

It’s Emma. Most mornings, Emmy is outside her apartment by the bus stop, making everyone’s day a little better by turning in for a tummy massage.

Henry is a mini Goldendoodle. When Henry was house-trained, he decided to raise his leg on a fake plant that was inside the house, thinking he was outside. It’s the thought that counts, Henry.

This turtle’s name is Terrell. Terrell is known as a “fifty-cent-sized favorite shotgun rider” who traveled many times in his traveling chariot to and from college. Terrell has many fans at State College, including maintenance men who keep his existence a secret and love to watch him eat minnows and tiny beef meatballs.

This happy Rottweiler is from Dublin. Dublin loves going to Yallah Taco because his owner lets him eat chicken and cheese quesadillas. Atta Boy, Dublin.

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