Patriots vs Bills Same game play for Monday night football

The AFC the showdown for the 2021 season is upon us tonight, with the AFC-the main Patriots (8-4) visiting the Bills (7-4). The winner will gain exclusive possession of the No.1 seed in the conference – the loser will occupy the AFCthe first place of joker. Indeed, the stakes are high tonight – and as always, we will also have a lot to do. Like every prime time NFL this season, we will be doing a Same Game Parlay on PointsBet.

A Same Game Parlay basically means a parlay consisting of several correlated bets of a specific game. It offers good options for bettors to bet on a game – and to assemble props into a bet within that game – beyond the standard spread, cash line, and over / under totals.

SGPs have become one of the most popular options in sports betting, and we’ve been building betting through PointsBet all season long. We’ve never been so excited about prime time SGP than we are for this one, so without further ado, let’s dive right into our best parlay accessories for the game of the year!

Patriots vs Bills Same Parlay Game

  • Choose your own line: Patriots +3.5 (-140)
  • Alternative totals: MORE 37.5 (-176)
  • Home team total: invoices MORE 16.5 (-276)
  • Total Over / Under Field Goals: MORE 2.5 (-325)
  • Passing yard accessories: 200+ passing yards (-276)
  • Receiving yard accessories: over 25 receiving yards (-301)

Total odds (6 stages): +550

Monday night football game choice

Choose your own line: Patriots +3.5 (-140)

PointsBet’s SGP always allows us to choose our own broadcast, and that’s honestly one of my favorite features of the in-game gaming experience. As our regular readers know, I absolutely squashed our alternate spread choices. I nailed our play picks in each of the last three SGP columns in which we have chosen either a spread or a moneyline (and in five of the last six). We’re very confident we’ll build on that momentum in tonight’s must-see affair, with the visiting Patriots +3.5.

Love it we get a placement handicap for the # 1 team in the AFC, on a six-game winning streak, driven by the greatest footballing spirit in the history of the sport, and quarterback by the favorite for Rookie of the Year. Yes, sign me up. Sportsbook had already scored 2.5 in New England, and we’re just going a step further by buying a point and guaranteeing maximum value. Now the Pats can lose by threes and we will still have the green.

If we’ve learned anything about it, it’s that he’s got the balance of a pro Bowl veteran under pressure. And if there’s one thing we know about Bill Belichick, it’s that he’s preparing his squad for the big games, especially against division rivals in the second half of the season and with an extra day off. . Belichick’s defense has been as strong as ever during that winning streak – New England have kept their opponents 13 points or less in five of the six games and have given up a total of 26 points in the last four ( 6.5 points per game). And even when the Pats lost this season, they’ve been in all but one until the last referee’s whistle. Eliminate the 28-13 Saints bombing September 26 – “(player-popup # mac-jones) Mac Jones”: / players / mac-jones-2861809 ‘worst day as a pro QB — and the Patriots average by the margin loss was three points.

The Bills are a great team and they almost always play well at home. The quarterback has another MVP– candidate season, and he has a healthy arsenal of offensive weapons as well as a solid defense by his side to take this team at bay. But the Pats are 4-1 ATS against the winning teams, 2-1 ATS as outsiders, and 1-0 ATS like road dogs. It feels like a game that goes to the wire: take the hottest team in football to win or lose by a basket on the pitch.

Alternative totals: MORE 37.5 (-176)

I don’t blame you if you want to stay completely off the total in this game – we’re dealing with what should be a bad weather game between the top two. DVOA teams in the AFC (EN: 28.5%; BUF: 26.8%). But my job is to highlight a myriad of props, not just create parlays that have a 100% chance to hit. It’s all about risk versus reward, and I consider the reward of -176 for this alternate total to be worth the risk. These teams compete well, they are well trained with good defenses and they have talented quarterbacks leading their attacks. They have averaged 65.6 points per game in their last three games, and they are respectively second (BUF: 29.6 points per game) and seventh (NE: 27 points per game) in the NFL by scoring on the season. The Patriots have scored 24 or more points in the five away games, and Buffalo is averaging 28 points per game at home. To hell with the weather, it won’t end 20-17. There is just too much talent on either side to make this a punt party.

Home team total: invoices MORE 16.5 (-276)

For pretty much the same reasons as the leg above, I’m going with the MORE out of the total invoices of 16.5. It’s two touchdowns and a field goal! They average the equivalent of four touchdowns per game at Highmark Stadium – 16.5 is a laughable number and a smashing game.

Also consider that New England’s streak of streaks was at least slightly helped by fortuitous breaks in the form of injuries to the schedule and the opponent. In their six-game streak, the Pats beat the lowly Jets, Abyssal Falcons without and in a short week, the Panthers without, the Browns without and (and injured halfway through) and the Titans without. The last formidable threat New England overcame was the Chargers on Halloween, and that game ended 27-24. Two weeks before that, Dallas had beaten the Pats 35-29 at Foxboro (and the Bucs had also beaten them 19-17 at Gillette on October 3).

Here’s my less crazy argument: Good teams can score against the Patriots – we just haven’t seen them play a good team in a little while. And meanwhile, Buffalo put 31 on a tough New Orleans Saints defense in his last outing, and Sean McDermott has had all of Thanksgiving week to prepare for that game. This could be McDermott’s regular season game of life, it doesn’t matter “(player-popup # josh-allen) Josh Allen”: / players / josh-allen-328331’s — I don’t think they’re gonna screw the bed this evening.

Total Over / Under Field Goals: MORE 2.5 (-325)

My special teams props crashed SGPs lately, but I understand if you don’t want to play around with that because of the -325. It’s just too intriguing to let it go. The confident-legged kicker led New England to a NFL– Leading 2.6 field goals per game, 3.4 field goals per away game and 3.3 field goals in his last three games. Folk had five three-pointers in the Patriots’ last game! He made 91.2% of his attempts, placing him just below the kicks GOAT “(player-popup # justin-tucker) Justin Tucker”: / players / justin-tucker-13611 is 92.6 percent. And Buffalo is no slouch in the kicking game either! has scored multiple field goals in six games this season, and he’s averaged 1.8 FG per game and 2.4 FG per game at home. Again, check the forecast ahead of this game as the potential wind and snow could spoil our chances here. But if it’s just a winter mix, I think our field goal total will be closer to five tonight.

Passing yard accessories: 200+ passing yards (-276)

I have loved since he entered the league and have worn him to my hometown fantasy team for the past three years. This kid is incredibly talented, and there isn’t a stage too big for him. That being said, I’m weary of the Patriots high school combined with the weather in Buffalo, so I’m staying cautious about the distance covered here. Allen has gone over 200 aerial yards in 10 of Buffalo’s 11 games this season, with the sole exception of the Bills’ 35-0 loss to the Dolphins on September 19. New England allowed 200.9 passing yards per game, but again, the Pats haven’t played a team with Buffalo’s offensive capabilities. Allen will have to pass early and often – this one is a lockdown until we’re in the 2021 Greater Nor’easter.

Receiving yard accessories: over 25 receiving yards (-301)

I almost used the wideout in that same prop but then read about New England safety Kyle Dugger who might miss tonight’s game due to COVID-19 protocols. Dugger was instrumental in Belichick’s system when it comes to removing opposing tight ends, including the Atlanta stud rookie and the Miami stud rookie. Knox was injured earlier in the season, but his production has been rock solid when in good health. He’s hit the 25-point threshold in seven of nine games this season, including his last two. He’s averaged 3.4 catches, 13.4 yards per reception and 46.1 yards per game this season, while hitting 75.6% of his 135 targets. Knox at 25 and over is icing on the cake SGP Monday night cup.

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