Olivia Cooke of the famous ‘House of the Dragon’ took a blank while attending her first baseball game, shares her experience on Jimmy Kimmel Live

“House of the Dragon” star Olivia Cooke opened up about her first baseball game during a recent appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Cooke sat down with host Jimmy Kimmel to discuss her experience of going to a Pittsburgh Pirates game. She says:

“I went to a Pirates game in Pittsburgh. We were shooting in Pittsburgh, yeah. It’s a lot of fun. I just remember the hot dogs.”

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Olivia Cooke plays the role of former Queen Alicent in “House of the Dragon”, the prequel to the famous series “Game of Thrones”. She said she arrived on the first day of filming The Hangover after getting drunk with English comedian Alan Carr. She had appeared on his “Life’s a Beach” podcast. Cooke discussed the incident with Kimmel:

“The podcast is over, and we’re just chatting, chatting, chatting. He’s been telling me loads of gossip. More wine, more wine, more wine. I don’t remember coming home. I remember, I lowered my head to put my hair in a pony, fell out.”

With a few hits in Pittsburgh, Olivia Cooke got a chance to see the Pirates, who have struggled throughout the season. With an overall record of 55-94, the team currently languishes at the bottom of the NL Central Division.

Olivia Cooke hoping for a better Pirates show next season

Despite the struggles, the Pittsburgh Pirates have unearthed a new gem in Oneil Cruz. The Pirates rookie made his highly anticipated MLB debut on June 20 against the Chicago Cubs. Suffice it to say that Cruz impressed everyone with his monstrous power and boundless potential during his very short career.

Oneil Cruz is named after Paul O’Neill. This afternoon, the two FaceTimed and Paul offered Oneil a signed jersey! https://t.co/DMLy2mGWP9

Cruz blasted the hardest-hit ball of the Statcast era with a 122.4 mph single against the Atlanta Braves. He also threw the fastest takedown for another Statcast record of 97.8 mph. Oneil Cruz currently owns a .218/.276/.737 slash line with 17 home runs and 51 RBIs.

The young stallion struggled in his first series in the Bronx when he went 0 for 4 with one run scored and four walks.

Oneil Cruz in the first inning of the game at Yankee Stadium on Sept. 21.
Oneil Cruz in the first inning of the game at Yankee Stadium on Sept. 21.

With the Pirates suffering massively this season, Cruz will have some big decisions to make as he enters the early years of his career. Named after New York Yankees legend Paul O’Neill, the Dominican may well be looking to join his dream team in the near future.

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