NFL Week 3 Winners and Losers: Giants Coach Joe Judge Top ‘Losers’ List


Away teams topped the list of first week third games of the NFL season. Atlanta (ehhh), New Orleans, Arizona, Baltimore, Cincinnati and the Los Angeles Chargers had road wins. The Falcons, Saints, and Chargers were all road dogs. There were some crazy endings in week 3, and the special teams got the term ‘special’. Who would have thought the Chiefs would have a three-game loss record? Let’s take a look at this week’s winners and losers.


Brandon staley

The Chargers head coach entered Arrowhead and claimed a victory over Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid. Staley was one of the biggest names in the head coach after the job he did as a defensive coordinator for the Rams. Staley employs a predominant tite front, an open game in midfield, a type of defense. The two-height looks allow for more versatility and ambiguity with its covers.

Los Angeles was able to contain Mahomes at home. They caused two interceptions and forced Mahomes to check. The defense kept the wide receivers quick and skilled up front, then crouched down when it counted, especially in the first half. The Chiefs were able to move the ball more in the second half, but it was too little too late. One way to earn the respect of fans is to hit the road – in the division, against the best team in the NFL, and get a win. Good for Staley, the Chargers’ defense and offense led by promising sophomore Justin Herbert.

The Cincinnati Bengals

Winning in Pittsburgh was almost impossible for the Bengals.

Zac Taylor coached Joe Burrow to a 172-yard performance on 14 of 18 passes for three touchdowns and one interception. Rookie wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase, and former college teammate for Burrow, played excellent without Tee Higgins in the lineup. Chase had four catches for 65 yards and two touchdowns.

The Steelers offense is concerning, but it is not a referendum on defending the Bengals. Ben Roethlisberger threw the ball 58 times with two interceptions. The identity of the Steelers on offense is questionable, and their defense was not the same without TJ Watt. The Steelers have now lost back-to-back home games, as the Bengals improve to 2-1 to join the Browns and Ravens atop the division.

Justin tucker

The Lions have barely lost two games this season when they were important underdogs. They narrowly missed a Week 1 upset against the 49ers, and they were in a position to defeat the Ravens in Week 3. Down by one point, Lamar Jackson found Sammy Watkins for 36 yards on a fourth and 19. The Ravens spiked the ball, executed a time-killing play and set Justin Tucker up for what would be the longest field goal in NFL history – a 66-yard one.

Here is the video …

On the other hand, the Ravens steal a victory from the clutches of defeat for the second consecutive week. Tucker missed a 49-yard field goal earlier in the game. It’s just an amazing way to end the game.

Sean McVay and the Rams

It was obvious that Jared Goff’s Los Angeles experience was drawing to a close at the end of last season. After the Rams’ loss in the playoffs, Goff never spoke with the Rams until he was traded to the Lions. It looked like McVay knew he needed to improve his position as a quarterback. Goff is a good quarterback, but Matt Stafford is a potential hall of fame.

Rams are not shy when it comes to trading trading assets. McVay identified Stafford as the guy to lead his offense, and through three games he appears to be right as the Rams beat the Super Bowl champion Buccaneers 34-24. Stafford threw for 343 yards (27 of 38) with four touchdowns, including a 75-yard pass to DeSean Jackson.

Cooper Kupp continued his tear with Stafford by also scoring two touchdowns in that game. Seems like the coffee story lives on strong. Stafford allows McVay’s creative and innovative spirit to flourish. He can make all types of NFL shots and handles information well. The Rams sent first two rounds, a three and Goff to the Lions for Stafford. That’s a lot, but if they continue to win games and focus on defenses, it’s worth it.

Josh Allen

After a slow start to the season by Josh Allen, the potential MVP candidate has made up for lost time at home against the Washington football team. Allen cut out the defense of the football team; he went 32 of 43 for 358 passing yards and four touchdowns while adding a rushing touchdown.

Allen distributed the wealth to his receivers as Washington’s defense continued to struggle. There was also a sincere aspect to this 43-21 defeat of the football team.

Allen and the Bills are expected to host the Texans next week.


Joe judge

This one hits home. The Giants had three games to win to open the season before facing the undefeated Buccaneers, Chiefs, Rams, Saints and Panthers in the next seven games. They lost two very winnable home games. The first week they looked like they didn’t deserve to be on the same football pitch.

In Week 3 at home, New York was able to score just 14 points against a team that gave up the second most points in two weeks. To be fair, losing Sterling Shepard and Darius Slayton certainly didn’t help, but this team failed to overcome those unfortunate obstacles at home against a team that could finish with a top-five pick.

It’s not a great look for a coach who has been way too conservative. The judge is saying all the right things to the media. “We are improving every day; we focus on the fundamentals; we want to mitigate errors. etc. However, the team continues to be unruly and fail to capitalize on the opponent’s mistakes. Joe Judge’s honeymoon phase is over. The wins are too elusive and the Giants are now, unfortunately, 0-3.

Steelers rushed attack

Pittsburgh started the 2020 season 11-0 before losing four of its last five games to finish 12-4. Their rushed attack with James Connor was stagnant and they couldn’t win at the point of attack. This prompted the team to select Najee Harris in the first round.

Harris is a stallion – that’s right, but stallions can only endure an offense for so long. The Steelers gave Harris 14 carries against the Bengals, and he’s averaging 2.9 yards. Pittsburgh can’t run football, and Ben Roethlisberger’s deep pass isn’t the same as it used to be; So, like last season, the teams are sitting on fast play and not allowing Pittsburgh to set a pace that leads to ineffective passing attack coupled with marginal running play.

There’s not much the rookie running back can do – it’s not his fault. The Steelers need to find ways to diversify their attack and move the chains, but they’re in a similar situation to what they found themselves in at the end of 2020. It’s going to be a long season for Steelers’ Nation if they are. cannot understand these offensive woes.

68-yard field goal attempt

There is no doubt that the leg of Arizona kicker Matt Prater. He tried to break his record for the longest field goal, which resulted in what Roger Sherman called “blow of six. “

The field goal was missed, resulting in a 109-yard missed field goal for a Jamal Agnew touchdown as time came to an end in the first half. The game was more competitive than many imagined, but the Cardinals pulled out in the second half. Ironically enough, later in the 1pm list, Ravens kicker Justin Tucker set a new record with a winning field goal of 66 yards at the end of the time limit. Tucker hit the crossbar and the ball rebounded for the win over Detriot.

The Jets

Zach Wilson had a terrible two-game streak against two tough defenses. The Jets were shut out against the Broncos in Week 3, and Wilson pitched for 160 yards and two interceptions. The offense could not do anything on the ground, Wilson was sacked five times and the Broncos secondary clung to the Jets receivers. It’s no surprise that a rookie quarterback struggled to win against the Broncos in Denver, but going two straight weeks without touchdown justifies a position on the roster.

Bear fans

I’m not in a position to ridicule the fans – I cover the Giants, and that’s not what I do – however, Justin Fields’ first start against a very good opponent didn’t go very well. The Bears were rightly clamoring to see their rookie, but the Browns rained on the parade as Chicago fell to Cleveland 26-6. This is a Giants site, so we can be happy about this loss in Chicago.

The Bears totaled 47 attacking yards – wow. Matt Nagy didn’t necessarily help the young quarterback. Cleveland had the ball for over 39 minutes. Chicago had a drive of more than five games – a nine-game drive that resulted in a field goal. One of the reasons the Bears’ total yards were so low was Cleveland’s nine sacks for a 67-yard loss to Fields. There will be better days for this Chicago and Fields attack, but it was a lousy start in Cleveland.

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