NFL Week 1 lines, betting picks and predictions for each game


NFL Betting analyst Sloan Piva gives an overview of Week 1 lines and odds on online sports betting. Follow the betting tips, predictions and other betting tips for the opening week of the football season.

It is one of the most wonderful times of the year for NFL punters and football fans — 2021
NFL the season starts on Thursday! I can barely contain my excitement, but I will compose myself in the best interests of our readers. This season should be one for the ages, filled with dynamic rookies, a handful of stars on new franchises, and potential parity like we haven’t seen in many years.

RotoGrinders has a plethora of NFL betting tips including analysis, fantasy football content, and game previews on record for you throughout the season, among a host of other resources. Included in our weekly programming, I will list NFL lines and choices for each match at the top of each work week. I will also write blurb for each game, so you know the reasoning behind my choice.

Are you ready for some soccer !? I am on. Let’s dive into these NFL Week 1 lines and betting picks, and start the season off on the right foot by making hard money.

This column will normally appear throughout the season on Monday. We start on
Tuesday this weekend because of Labor Day (so we might get the most recent odds before opening week).

Let’s start with the Cowboys vs Buccaneers odds for Thursday Night Football.

NFL Week 1 lines and choice of bets

Dallas Cowboys vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -8, O / U 52

and the Buccaneers kick off their 2021 Super Bowl defense campaign at home
against the Cowboys, who are aiming for a rebound season now fully
recovered from his ankle injury. The “boys presented one of the worst defenses in the NFL latest
season, and Tampa is returning pretty much its entire Super Bowl list. These facts-plus
field advantage, would explain the -8, right? Still, I’ll take Dallas for eight points.
Dak is back, Dallas added a handful of quality defenders between free agency and draft
(highlights: Micah Parsons, Keanu Neal), and the Cowboys offense can make so much noise
like that of Tampa. Remember two things about last year: Prescott was on track to break the myriad
records before breaking his leg, and Brady lost his debut with the Buccaneers. I like the Bucs to win
directly, but I don’t like them to cover.

To take: Cowboys +8

Philadelphia Eagles vs Atlanta Falcons -3.5, O / U 48

These two teams named Bird were a disappointment last season, and both franchises
welcome new coaching systems this year. While I would expect each of these teams to surpass their paltry total of four wins in 2020, it wouldn’t surprise me if they all finished the last two of their season.
respective divisions once again this season. I give the slight advantage to and the
The Falcons at home, as they feature a more dynamic overall offense with a superstar receiver, a best rookie close end and a returning mate, who saw a breakthrough in 2020. However, I don’t expect that this one is very pretty. Get away from it if you can. and promise an exciting future for Philly, but right now there are too many holes around them.

To take: Falcons -3.5

Buffalo Bills vs. Pittsburgh Steelers -6.5, O / U 49

Bills are one of my favorite choices to represent the AFC at the Super Bowl this season, while the Steelers are one of my top bust picks of 2021. Talk about two completely different
franchises on two very opposite trajectories. Buffalo is entering its fourth year after a MVP– caliber 2020 (thanks in large part to the All-Pro receiver), while Big begins what many believe is the final chapter of his professional career. I love the Steelers rookie back, as well as the talented young duo from and. But Pittsburgh’s suspicious o-line and faltering defensive unit already make the Steelers a long shot – Ben’s noodle arm makes one last ride in the Super Bowl sunset feel like a laughable daydream. Give me the bills, something I could say 11 times this season.

TO TAKE: Tickets -6.5

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Minnesota Vikings -3, O / U 48

Casual punters will pick their favorite from these two teams, with visions of the highlights of and, and, or and. Maybe the Bengals will get a little more love as three-point dogs due to the return of the No.1 pick in 2020 from a knee injury that ended the season last year, or because for elite catcher Ja’Marr Chase NFL start. All I know is these two teams had terrible defenses last year – they ranked 26th and 27th respectively in total yards allowed per game (Cincy 389.2, Minnesota 393 , 2). If you combined the Bengals and Vikings’ average opposing points per game last season, you would end up with 56.2. This match should exceed 48 points, nervousness of the opening week or not.

To take: MORE 48

San Francisco 49ers vs. Detroit Lions -7.5, O / U 46

I don’t like this game — or those spreads — so I’ll go with the UNDER here. I think the Detroit era will have fans who go crazy for the era. And San Fran’s high-octane offense, combined with the Niners’ upper echelon defense, is expected to wreak havoc on the Lions. It could end in a massacre of 27-10 down the road, with or without the pick of the top 49ers under center. The likes of Jimmy G,, Brandon Aiyuk,,, and rookie back will be enough to crush Detroit.


Tennessee Titans vs. Arizona Cardinals -3.5, O / U 51.5

I have the Cardinals hitting double-digit wins in 2021, but lost them to the Titans in Week 1. Tennessee have football’s most dominant running back in two-time grounding champions, and now he presents the Pro Bowl receiver seven times. in front of . It’s a Madden list-building franchise mode out there. case for 2021 MVP begins in week 1, with the duel of the Titans, DeAndre Hopkins and the Cards.

TO TAKE: Titans -3

Seattle Seahawks vs. Indianapolis Colts -2.5, O / U 49.5

* Best bet alert

What am I forgetting here? The Colts’ offense is probably declining this season, after the
the retirement of Phillip Rivers and the acquisition of the often injured and still inconsistent man. Indy’s D remains awesome, and the running back is a stallion, but Seattle’s
offense more than makes up for its questionable defense. Russ Wilson cooks over high heat in
the start of the season — watch,,, and flash early and often.

TO TAKE: Seahawks -2.5

Washington Football Team vs. Los Angeles Chargers -1, O / U 44.5

I’m a huge fan, but the Washington football team has a lot of good pieces in place for a dark horse season. With superb defensive unity and a very talented offense for coach Ron Rivera and OC Scott Turner, the nation’s capital could sneak into the playoffs. I’m especially excited to see what the running back can do in his sophomore year and how effective Scary can be with a true quarterback. Yes WFT can contain Herbert,, and, he should cause upheaval in the house.


Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs -6, O / U 53

This game has the potential to be one of the best on the opening week roster. Browns QB took a big step forward last season, and Cleveland has maintained its position as one of the top racing teams in the NFL. The Chiefs’ insane offensive core of, and remains however, and could very well have a second breakout season in the back. I like the Chiefs to win, but not by a touchdown.

TO TAKE: Browns +6

New York Jets at Carolina Panthers -5, O / U 45

Revenge game for !? As tired as the ‘revenge game’ narrative is, I expect a positive regression from Darnold now that he’s in Carolina and away from New York and former Jets coach Adam Gase. The Panthers have plenty to work with, including the All-World double-threat back and a talented receiving corps including Robby Anderson (former Darnold teammate in New York), and rookie Jr. Meanwhile, the Jets will improve with the rookie at the helm, but not by much. I still think they end up in the basement of the AFC Is this season.

TO TAKE: Panthers -5

Denver Broncos vs. New York Giants +2.5, O / U 42.5

This game doesn’t turn me on, but I take the Broncos if I have to choose. Denver’s passing game is expected to improve with the sub and with Courtland Sutton in full health. The Broncos also have an intriguing running back committee between and rookie. Meanwhile, the Giants are still riding the dead horse that is the QB, and are hoping the return of the elite running back fuels a resurgence. Spoiler: no.

TO TAKE: Broncos -2.5

Green Bay Packers to New Orleans Saints +4, O / U 50

I’m surprised the Pack is only a four-point favorite, considering all the offensive weapons at its disposal, including MVP , who came back a bit reluctantly for another date with the boys. Drew Brees, meanwhile, has pledged to retire, leaving New Orleans with a strange # taysom-hill) Taysom Hill ”: / players / taysom-hill-36873 jambalaya at QB. Not helping their cause: The open sea underwent surgery in June that it apparently should have had in January. Damn it ! Green Bay will win 11 games in a somewhat orderly fashion this season – it should be the first of 11.

TO TAKE: Packers -4

Miami Dolphins vs. New England Patriots -3, O / U 43

The Patriots are looking to bounce back from a bumpy 2020, and Cam Newton has left the building. Enter rookie, who has the keys to New England. Bill Belichick and OC Josh McDaniels wouldn’t be promoting the kid if he wasn’t ready, so I’m drinking Kool-Aid here. The -3 Pats in a home opener against Miami look too good to be left out.

TO TAKE: Patriots -3

NFL Choice of week 1 for SNSF and FMN

Chicago Bears vs. Los Angeles Rams -7.5, O / U 44.5

If the Rams were favored by seven and not 7.5, I could have him as an A pick (maybe buy half a point for more comfort?). But I love that LA explodes out of the gate with the sub and with the Rams’ elite defense against Andy Dalton. By the way, what’s the over / under of Dalton’s number of starts this season? I think of two and out. Rookie is the future of Chicago’s QB position, and frankly, he should be the present as well.

TO TAKE: Rams -7.5

Baltimore Ravens vs. Las Vegas Raiders +4.5, O / U 51.5

The Raiders never seem to go out of their way to dramatically improve their squad, and coach Jon Gruden still believes in. I don’t, especially without the 2020 bypass receiver. I love that the Ravens are enjoying a rebound campaign, with a beefed up defense and still deadly running game, albeit a bit injured late in the season. LCA tear. I love the Ravens by a touchdown at Monday Night Football.

TO TAKE: Ravens -4.5

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