New Yorkers can get revenge on an ex through popular ads

Has love burned you lately? Want to express how you feel about an ex without doing something drastic that will land you behind bars? Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, and soon we’ll be inundated with memories of a holiday some would rather forget. But now a popular action has returned to the Bronx Zoo to help you get revenge on that lying or cheating ex.

ABC reports that the Name a Roach gift pack has returned for another year. For just $15 you can name an ugly looking giant Madagascar hissing cockroach after your ex. You can order your cockroach gift HERE. There’s even an upgrade where you can order additional items, and even an encounter with one of the cockroaches if you really want to live your life through it.

Did anyone else do this before?

Perhaps this woman could take part in this promotion? You may remember this viral story from 2021? A Woman’s Nightmare (But Slightly Hilarious) First date account has been talking on social media for months. Thought you met some losers?

The woman shared her first date encounter on TikTok. From what she said in her story, she met the man through a dating app and then went to his house to meet up. The man told her he lost his keys so he asked her to drive. No problem, right? Well, according to their report, they ended up at a Taco Bell drive-in. Still not such a big deal? It gets better. The taco-starved gentlemen then ordered a hundred tacos. From then on he does the unthinkable. According to this woman, he claimed he also lost his wallet and wanted her to pay for all those tacos.

They ended up back at his place, where they ate some (though we’re not all assuming) of the tacos. At that point the date was over. Overall, her “run to the border” cost her about $150. No, there was never a second date. And as if it couldn’t get any worse, the woman claims that while they sat there waiting for the Taco Bell employees to put together this huge order, the guy spent the time talking about his ex.

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