New book, After the Walk, captures and pierces the reader’s attention with meaningful dialogues of inner thoughts

Ramona, California – April 19and2022 – With his latest book, After the Walk – The Incredible Places the Spirit Goesauthor Cecilia Anastos delivers 34 short stories of meaningful dialogue of inner thoughts representing the author’s Zen Buddhist philosophy, colorful experiences, ingenious insights, and invaluable insight into issues that affect us all, such as health, longevity and adventures at sea.

Every day Mrs. Anastos and her dogs take a walk in beautiful Ramona, California. As they walk, she practices walking meditation. If a thought came to mind, she made a mental note to write a story about it after the walk. This is not a book about meditation or dog training. It is a book about the philosophy of life and the wandering spirit that flourishes after walks.

Ms. Anastos is also an award-winning artist. The flow of stories in this book, as in its paint strokes, is poetic, full of feeling and from the heart.

“I felt like I was walking with you and the dogs. I laughed (out loud) at several stories, smelled the crisp morning air, smelled the smoke and the sea.” Graham Levin.

“Each of the 34 stories differs from each other, some are anecdotal recollections, and others are observations of current events.” said Anastos. “After the walk is illuminating, inspiring and often humorous.

After the walk is 100 pages and is now available in ebook and print versions on Amazon and bookstores.

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