Motorist not kitten with cat in his car: Middleburg Heights police blotter



Drunk Driving: Bagley Road

At 10:50 p.m. on August 3, an officer saw a car hit the sidewalk twice and enter and exit the lane. He stopped him as he entered Speedway. He explained to the driver why he had stopped her and asked for her driver’s license. The motorist just looked at his handbag and then searched it. She did not speak to the officer and looked out the window on the passenger side. The officer noticed tears in her eyes and asked her why she was crying. She said, “Take me to jail already. She told police she spat on her ex-boyfriend’s aunt. She refused to identify herself. She said she had three kids with her ex and just wanted to come home. She refused to turn off the car on several occasions. She also refused to get out of the car because she feared her cat would jump out the window. An officer said they would close the window after he left. She came out and refused to answer several questions but gave her name. She got angry when the police did not allow her to go to the bathroom outside the car. She struggled with the officers and cursed at them. She kicked an officer in the upper thigh as he checked for weapons. An agent went to the Sonesta Motel to meet the woman’s boyfriend and asked him to pick up the cat. Police learned that the woman had a suspended license. The police took her to the station where she yelled at them. She refused to sit down. She threw herself on one policeman and kicked another in his leg. She refused to take tests at 11:54 pm She also refused to give any relevant information. She fell asleep several times and yelled at the police when she woke up. She had $ 2,511 in cash. She was transported to Strongsville jail. She was also cited for assault and resistance.

Flight: Bagley Road

Police attended the Gulf gas station at 8:15 p.m. on July 29 regarding a man whose wallet was stolen in the parking lot. The victim said she entered the store to purchase a few items. His wallet fell out of his pocket when he got into his car, but he didn’t realize it until he got home. He returned to the gas station. His wallet was not there. His wallet contained several items, including cash, his social security card, credit cards and more. The officer spoke with the clerk who left a message for the manager about viewing the surveillance video. The next day he did so and saw a man in his 50s wearing gray shorts and walking his German Shepherd dog, get out of his car, pick up the wallet and drive off. He pumped gas and the manager printed his receipt. The official said he was 100% certain the man had stolen the victim’s wallet. The Detective Office is investigating the incident.

Mandate: Boulevard Sheldon

At 1:07 p.m. on July 30, an officer received a warning from a license plate reader that a car heading his way had an active felony arrest warrant against its owner. The officer saw the car in the location indicated. The passenger matched the physical description of its owner. He stopped the car on Interstate 71 near Sheldon Road. Identification showed that the passenger was the owner of the car. She was arrested and transported to Cuyahoga County Jail. She did not respond to questions from a nurse on duty at the medical screening office, so she was transferred to the Saint-Vincent charity hospital for clearance. She was cleared and transported to prison without incident.

Disturbance: Engle Road

Several officers at 12:39 am on August 3 went to Motel 6 to help evict a woman who did not want to leave the property. The two women were evicted on August 2 and were collecting their items in a car and in a nearby motel room. They asked if they could have until 2 a.m. to complete their luggage. They received an OK, but the police handcuffed one of them for a warrant. She was transported to a place where the Parma police arrested her.

Possession of cocaine: Bagley Road

An officer was at Speedway at 8:47 p.m. on August 3 when he checked an unoccupied car at a pump. It showed that the registered owner had an active probation violation warrant on a weapons charge. It also showed warnings for previous charges of carrying a concealed weapon and mishandling a gun in a car. The driver started to pump gasoline. It matched the identity of the registered owner. The man got into the car and the policeman approached him. The suspect initially refused to get out of the car and the officer had to escort him out of the car. The identity of the man could not be verified. He gave his name and date of birth and admitted that he was the owner of the car. Another officer arrived at the scene. Before the car was towed, drugs and two pipes containing residue were found inside. `A small bag of 14 small pills was on the door panel. The officer noticed that several door panels were very loose. The man became restless and the police were unable to search the signs at that time. The detective’s office would examine the car in a safer location. He was transported to Medina County.

Tinted windows: Bagley Road

A motorist at 11:49 p.m. on August 4 did not use the turn signals on his car with its windows tinted. The officer checked and found that he had an active warrant for failure to appear. He stopped the car on the north ramp of Interstate 71. He was handcuffed. Pending confirmation of the warrant, the man said he was having difficulty breathing. A team from Brook Park responded. He refused transport and was released from any medical problem. The Cuyahoga County Jail, however, would not accept it. He received a citation for tinted windows. During an inventory check before the car was towed, a small amount of marijuana was found and removed.

Drunk Driving: Eastland Road

An officer began to be suspicious of a motorist driving at 2 a.m. on August 5. He checked and found that the owner of the car did not have a valid driver’s license. As soon as the driver opened the passenger side window, a strong smell of alcohol emanated from the car. The driver told the officer that he did not have a valid driver’s license. He was returning from a party at his sister’s. He gave the officer a temporary Ohio ID card. The man said he had had a beer, but his eyes were extremely bloodshot and he was slow to answer questions. The fly of his pants was open and his belt was half cut. He voluntarily got out of the car to try to perform field sobriety tests. He did not do well and was cited for impaired driving. He declined a breathalyzer test because he said he drank more than he previously said. He changed his mind. The blood alcohol level was 0.082. A 24-ounce open beer was found behind the driver’s seat. It was half full. He was released on a sober night out.

Unauthorized use: Eastland Road

Police attended TeamZ Restaurant & Bar at 1:05 am on August 6 for a report that someone had used a man’s car without his permission and without keys. He said he started his van to take his friend home, whom he had only known for about a month, and they came out to argue. The friend jumped in the truck and drove off. He did not want to press charges against her. He said he would find another vehicle to get home. Police found the truck parked at a Convenient Food Mart. Officers escorted the victim to the location. He said the truck’s front headlight was damaged. He still didn’t want to press charges. Police found the suspect at Thirst & Ten. She admitted to driving the truck to the parking lot and drinking alcohol. She had a strong smell of alcohol on her. She showed other signs of drunkenness. She did not perform well in field sobriety tests. She was cited for drunk driving. She recorded a blood alcohol level of 0.147.

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