Mosaic’s MT-1 is proof America knows how to build a titanium mountain tamer


Founded in 2006, Mosaic began by challenging the limits of the market. Basing their bike designs around the rider, each bike is carefully handcrafted to ensure the buyer gets exactly what they requested. To top it off, this crew also works with a material known to be delicate in its application, but if successful results in a strong, lightweight bike that will not only offer a heck of a ride, but will turn heads when you fly. down the street, titanium.

The wonder before you today is known as the MT-1, a titanium tube hardtail mountain bike designed to give riders a solid mountain biking experience. Not only does the MT-1 use titanium in its construction, but its geometry is designed to satisfy multiple frame styles, from aggressive to cross country to mountain hardtail; a versatile framework. To top it off, it fits both 27.5 inch and 29 inch tires.

Now like I mentioned the tube is straight titanium so you can expect a bike that’s supposed to be twice as strong as aluminum but with half the weight of steel. To add even more pizzazz to the mix, titanium is very non-corrosive.

If you are wondering about the use of titanium in the production of bikes, then don’t because some titanium bikes have a lifespan that sometimes exceeds the life of their owner or rider. Now, just so that you can fully understand what kind of bike this is, know that some dealers and bike shops sell these puppies for over $ 7,000 (€ 5,979 at current exchange rates) or more, depending on the components equipped. For that price, my bike would outlast my 33-year-old butt better.

Looking closely at the frame, you will also see several water bottle holders. These can easily be replaced with different tool kits in order to turn your MT-1 into a bike packing machine. However, to do more than just work with the front triangle, you can always use a different fork, usually a non-suspension fork that includes rack brackets. Speaking of crotch, the manufacturer’s website makes no mention of what type of crotch is on the front of this puppy, leading me to believe that you may have a choice of what you get when you pay. .

As for the drivetrain on this sucker, again Mosaic makes no mention, except you can add a mechanically operated or Di2 (Digital Integrated Intelligence) drivetrain. Whatever your choice of transmission, you will only have to follow one rule, that of choosing a 1x transmission; no problem as this machine is intended to help you climb and climb.

All brake and shift cables follow an external cable routing configuration, but again, no mention of the type of brakes you can find on the MT-1, further reinforcing the belief that this bike is the type. that you buy through a full personalization process. If it’s going to last a lifetime, you might as well make it the bike of your dreams.

If there’s one trend I’ve seen over the last few years, it’s that manufacturers are starting to invest quite a bit in creating a bike that stands out from all the rest. Whether it’s done by design, material choice, or both, I think we’ll see more and more bikes built from all kinds of metals and viable fibers. Hang in there because it’s gonna be a creative ride.

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