Moose on the Loose in Twin Falls Park, Relocated Safely


A one-year-old moose was moved from a residential neighborhood in Twin Falls on Sunday after it was found wandering around a park in Twin Falls. Idaho Fish and Game was able to safely capture and move the yearling.

According to Idaho Fish and Game, the moose was seen about 4 days ago in Kimberly and made it to Twin Falls. Jason’s Woodlands Hills Park was where he was safely parked and captured.

According to the press release, the Idaho Fish and Game officers were successful in keeping the yearling calm. The moose have been seen on doorbell cameras in residential neighborhoods. Also according to the press release, it is not common to find a moose in Twin Falls at this time of year, but it happens almost every year.

The big problem with moose in residential neighborhoods is that moose can be mean. Even a yearling can cause pretty good damage to property and certainly to people and pets.

According to Idaho Fish and Game, the reason the yearling might have been away from the cow is because she might give birth to this year’s calf, so she lets him and lets him roam. Fortunately the yearling was ok.

If you come across a moose, Idaho Fish and Game said you should never give your dog the opportunity to chase a moose on a walk because they can be seen as a threat and the moose will attack. Never get between a moose mother and her calf and if you step on a moose make sure you make lots of noise so you don’t surprise them. If a moose seems to want to charge or fidget at you, place something between you and the moose such as a tree or a vehicle.

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