Miranda Lambert is raising funds for the furry victims of Hurricane Ian

Miranda Lambert is not only a well-known country singer, but also an activist and entrepreneur. The “Bluebird” singer has been in the spotlight for nearly two decades, and during that time has consistently opened up about her love for animals. Not only does she own many pets, but she also actively works to raise money for animal-related causes.

In October 2022, following the devastating hurricane that struck Florida, Lambert decided to take action and posted on Twitter how her organization was stepping up to help displaced pets. While many praised Lambert’s actions, it’s possible some fans might give the singer a side eye given some of her controversial actions involving animals.

Miranda Lambert acted as Hurricane Ian devastated Florida

Miranda Lambert unveils her new documentary that showcases her passion for adopting dogs and highlights the renovation of her hometown animal shelter in support of the PEDIGREE Brands See what good food can do campaign on June 26, 2014 in New York City. | Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Pedigree

In late September, a tropical storm called Hurricane Ian hit the state of Florida. The category 4 hurricane was acc The guard, the second-deadliest storm to hit the United States mainland in the 21st century after Hurricane Katrina, killing at least 137 people in several states including North Carolina, Florida and Virginia. Around 98 of those deaths occurred in the state of Florida, which has suffered the most severe storm damage.

Even now, weeks after the storm first formed, Florida residents are working hard to clean up the storm damage and return their lives to some semblance of normalcy. After Hurricane Ian, a few celebrities step up to help in any way they can. Miranda Lambert is one such celebrity, recently taking to Twitter to discuss how her organization, MuttNationhelps pets displaced by the storm.

Miranda Lambert raised money to help pets affected by Hurricane Ian

In an Oct. 5 Twitter video, Lambert announced that she is sending “love and light” to all those affected by Hurricane Ian. She also announced that with MuttNation, she and her team would support several organizations that are actively working to help pets displaced by the hurricane. Some of the organizations she mentioned in her video were Greater Good and the Naples Humane Society. The fundraiser, hosted by Lambert, will use all proceeds to purchase supplies needed to care for and transport the affected animals.

This isn’t the first time Lambert has stepped into action to help animals in need. In early 2022, the singer donated a whopping $20,000 to animal shelters in honor of Valentine’s Day. She split the grand total between 20 small animal shelters and told Fox 17 Nashville that “animal shelters — especially the ones that are the hardest to adopt — and the people who take care of them have always had my heart.” She’s also a regular volunteer their foundation MuttNation, founded in 2009, to help animals, especially cats, dogs and horses, whenever possible.

Miranda Lambert has come under fire for some of her actions with animals

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While Lambert has also been open about her love of animals, she has occasionally been criticized for her affinity for hunting. Though the singer has said she eats whatever she hunts and often donates deer meat to causes like the NRA’s Hunters for the Hungry, some have struggled to balance her love of pets and hunting hobby.

Additionally, Lambert competed in a bull riding competition over the summer, leading some critics to call her hypocritical, as animal rights organizations like PETA have long criticized bull riding shows as harmful to animals. In the end, while some might see issues with certain of Lambert’s actions, it’s clear that she does a lot to protect animals.

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