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Anyone who knows me knows that I’m crazy about dogs. I always have been and it’s in the family. My parents have always had a dog, except for a short time when I was more than they could handle.

Few of our family dogs are purebred. My parents had three purebred Boston Terriers, but otherwise it was usually a dog I brought home that was of undetermined origin.

It’s not that I prefer mutts. I just prefer dogs. Whatever the question, the answer is dogs.

Even though all of my dogs have been mutts (as far as I know), I like to research their appearance and behavior to see what types of dogs they might be related to.

Hilda, my all-time favorite baby, was definitely part greyhound. She had that sleek bone structure and running gait that they have. Also the ones I met are funny and Hilda had a better sense of humor than most people.

Louie had to be a sheepdog, because he was watching me all the time. His coat resembled that of a border collie and he was very intelligent.

Marcie looked a lot like my parents’ Bostons, only with long legs.

My current guy, Freddie, presents a riddle. I see a poodle, with its quality coat and long legs. I also see a kind of pampered and pampered cover art. Some say Shih Tzu. Some say Lhasa Apso. Some even say Brussels Griffon. As for Freddie’s background, they all seem pretty silly to me; I don’t expect a fine breed dog to live in a box behind a mall, but I guess we can all run into some tough times from time to time.

I don’t care what breed he is or any other dog. It’s just fun to learn about dogs and your own dog in particular.

Whatever it is, he now lives in luxury.

He trained me to provide food at certain times. He goes to bed whenever he wants (and by that I mean he gets into my bed whenever he wants), he doesn’t have to work, and he has what his grandmother calls his own big-screen TV, which is actually the window image in the living room.

It seems that his favorite show is “Cats”.

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