Julia reveals her unreal experience with Brandon in Jamaica


Russian 90 Day Fiancé star Julia Trubkina shares photos of her “unreal experience” swimming with dolphins with Brandon Gibbs in Jamaica.

Russian 90 day fiancé star Julia Trubkina featured Instagram at the “unreal experienceShe had with her husband, Brandon Gibbs, in Jamaica. Globetrotter Julia became a TLC star in Season 8 when she flew to America to marry Brandon. The couple first met via a video call arranged by Brandon’s friend, and then traveled to South Korea where Julia was working at the time for their date. The 90 day fiancé The couple have since faced many hardships, including Julia refusing to work on Brandon’s farm and refusing to stay with her parents, Ron and Betty Gibbs.

However, Julia and Brandon moved out of Dinwiddie and found an apartment in Richmond on 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever?, much to the dismay of his parents. Although her “son” Simba misses Julia terribly, she seems happy to spend time alone with Brandon. The couple visit the farm on weekends, but are mostly seen documenting their life afterwards. 90 day fiancé via funny Instagram videos. Brandon and Julia have also posted on their accounts their trips to Miami and New York, and now their latest trip to Jamaica.

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Since reaching Jamaica, Julia has shared some exciting updates of what she’s been up to with Brandon on Instagram. His latest post shows a happy Julia surrounded by dolphins. “Guys I swam with dolphins for the first time in my life! did you swim with the dolphins?“Call it a”unreal experience“Julia noted that the dolphins were kind and friendly. Julia also posted many stories where Brandon gave his supporters a tour of the Dolphin Cove. Pest Control Technician Brandon called him.”an experience you will never forget”When he talked about how much he loved to ride on dolphins and pet them, and how they even gave the 90 day fiancé stars a hug.

Julia and Brandon have received many positive comments, ranging from “You have become my favorite couple” To “It sounds like a lot of fun. “However, some fans were saddened to see Julia promoting such”cruel activitiesAnd also asked him to delete his message. “I’m so against it … stop exploiting these poor animals”Wrote one fan. Julia defended herself by asserting: “Poor animals live on the streets in Russia, and here people come to play with them and swim.“According to Julia, who also recently promoted a controversial product, dolphins are”very friendly.“On top of that, she wrote,”The players don’t think that the animals that are offended will be so happy and friendly.

This is not the first time that Julia and Brandon have been shot for animal abuse. During their 90 day fiancé debut, fans saw caged dogs at Brandon’s farm. Several TLC viewers called the Gibbs family, who have been in the dog breeding business since 1998. Even then, Julia stood up for her new in-laws on Instagram and said the dogs were treated well. “They live better than a lot of peopleJulia wrote of the dogs at Hummingbird Acres Farm. To some fans, Julia seems rude and callous, and her unreal Jamaican experience may just give them another reason to hate her more.

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