Illinois woman dedicates her life to animals in need

In case you didn’t already know, I love animals, especially dogs.

Few things in life upset or upset me more than seeing an animal in trouble or hurt. I know, without a doubt, that my heart couldn’t stand the things animal control officers see on a daily basis, and that’s why I’m so impressed with this week’s Hometown Hero, Kristin Laue from Freeport, Illinois .

Photo provided

Photo provided

To fully understand what makes Kristin so special, please read the nomination letter we received from Susie Ceroni of Freeport;

Kristin is the Stephenson County Animal Control Officer. She also works with the Stephenson County Animal Shelter and Freeport Animal Hospital. Kristin works tirelessly day and night being the voice of all animals.

My daughter and I helped with a horse hoarding situation in February 2014. There were 23 horses involved. That’s when I saw with my own eyes how hard Kristin worked. She was at the barn feeding/medicating/cleaning the stalls every morning and night before and after work. She worked with many people to find homes for the horses and ensure that all medical needs were met. This situation required the collaboration of many volunteers for several days. When I recently asked her about the 2014 horse hoarding, she listed the names of all 23 horses without hesitation.

In 2015 Kristin had 84 dogs from a hoarding situation, she again worked tirelessly day and night to ensure all the dogs needs were taken care of. She personally took several dogs to obedience classes so they could be adopted. She also takes care of any dog ​​requiring medical treatment or having special needs.

The two situations I have discussed are just a sample of what Kristin has done and continues to do as she cares for all animals that need to be adopted or placed, even on weekends and nights. . She is personally invested in ensuring that all animals are cared for, have good homes and are loved.

I would like to nominate Kristin Laue as the local hero of the week because I’m sure if the dogs/cats/horses/cows could type they would have named her. She is a wonderful person with a big heart and she is rarely recognized for anything she does.

In honor of every animal you’ve helped save and care for Kristin, we’re giving you a $100 Amazon Gift Card courtesy of Gustafson Furniture and Mattresses. Spending it might not be as satisfying as 100 botched animal kisses, but we hope you use it to buy something special just for YOU. The animals of Stephenson County are more than lucky to have you on their side.

Do you know anyone with a heart and devotion the size of Kristin Laue? Please nominate them as next week’s hometown heroes, here.

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