How dogs help search teams after Florida building collapses


SURFSIDE, Florida (Nation Now) – As rescue teams search the remains of a Partially collapsed condominium building in Florida, man’s best friend is there to hopefully point them in the right direction.

Specially trained dogs look for clues about the 99 missing residents.

Sinead Imbaro trains police and military dogs. She says dogs look for one of two things: human breath or human scent.

“It’s really that live blast they’re looking for,” Imbaro told NewsNation Prime. “To confirm that there is someone hiding in this pile, once they find, or once they locate that breath, or that human scent, they will start barking for the alert.”

If someone can cry out for help, the dog’s impact is minimized. But they could be invaluable in finding people who might be incapacitated.

She says it can take up to 2.5 years to properly train a dog for this type of job. “[There] must have a good relationship with the handler and the dog in order to pick up the victims, ”she said.

Dogs aren’t canaries in the coal mine, however. Engineers confirm that an area is safe enough for dogs (or people) before they enter it, but first aid is still pending.

“We are doing our best to keep them safe while trying to protect ourselves,” Imbaro said.

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